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CL M: Heynen will have to open wide his wallet – Friedrichshafen coach owes his fans a beer

by WoV
source: cev.lu; Photo: cev.lu

VfB Friedrichshafen fans have mixed feelings after their team suffered a defeat to Russian armada Zenit Kazan in the 2017 CEV Volleyball Men’s Champions League – Pool C, last night…



On the one hand, they are sad for the lost game but on the other hand, they all might have a beer! At least those 2,355 fans that were present at the “ZF Arena” against tournament’s title holders.

“For every set we win, I will buy one beer for everyone in the gym. If we win the game, everybody will get a whole crate of beer,” Heynen said to the fans before the match, laughing. The idea, of course, was to attract as much as possible audience to the match against Zenit.

“We took the second set against Zenit Kazan, and not many teams are able to do that. The guys did very well. But I still hate losing, especially if it is that close,” Belgian expert said after the match.

What do you think, will Haynen fulfill his promise after all? If he does, it will cost him 4,215 euros, considering the price of 1.79 euros per 1L bottle for one of the most popular German beers “Weihenstephan Hefeweissbier”.

Well, Friedrichshafen fans should drink only the best beer, right?


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