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23. 06. 2017

TOP 15 scorers in Europe for the season 2016/2017 (MEN'S LIST)

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Boyan Yordanov is in the spotlight as he was the top scorer in the last season, counting all volleyball leagues across the whole Europe.


The Bulgarian opposite averaged 25,32 points per game in Greek championship, which launched him all the way to the first place of the best scorers in Europe for the season 2016/2017. Two players from France are in the second and third place, while there are some players from Finland, Austrian, Belgium, Sweden...

We have to mention that we have included all players that played more than 20 games in the last season. Nimir Abdel-Aziz averaged 21,53 points per game, but he played only 17 games in France and that's why he is not on the list.

Top 15 male volleyball players with the best scoring performances in Europe for the season 2016/2017:

1. Boyan Yordanov (Kifissia, Greece) – 25,32 (22 games)

2. Bram Van Den Dries (Toulouse, France) – 23,35 (26 games)

3. Hermans Egleskalns (Nice, France) – 23,15 (27 games)

4. Andrus Raadik (Liiga Sampo Pielavesi, Finland) – 22,44 (39 games)

5. Oliver Venno (Maliye Piyango, Turkey) – 22,15 (27 games)

6. Milija Mrdak (Foinikas, Greece) – 21,75 (24 games)

7. Danijel Pokersnik (Sempeter, Slovenia) – 21,68 (22 games)

8. Jolan Cox (Antwerp, Belgium) - 21,64 (28 games)

9. Marien Moreau (Arago de Sete, France) – 21,55 (22 games)

10. Michael Sanchez (Arkas, Turkey) – 21,38 (29 games)

11. Fernando Hernandez (Piacenza, Italy) - 21,09 (32 games)

12. Thomas Trothann (Amstetten, Austria) - 21,08 (24 games)

13. Giulio Sabbi (Molfetta, Italy) - 20,83 (29 games)

14. Fredrik Gustavsson (Rovaniemi, Finland) – 20,82 (40 games)

15. Tomas Vilimas (Orkelljunga, Sweden) – 20,45 (33 games)


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1 Comments about "TOP 15 scorers in Europe for the season 2016/2017 (MEN'S LIST)"

29.06.2017 | 21:13 |   . Gylllenberg [unregistered]

Gustavsson nr14 averaged his ~20p in 40(!?) matches. Top 3 played less than 30..

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Igor Kolakovic – “We need more controversial players, like Ngapeth”

I am not sure from where did you get this article because it doesn't exist on which you mentioned as a source.

The title of this article is very misleading because it is obvious from reading the article that Kolakovic didn't criticize anyone. He just expressed his opinion that volleyball need more players who are media attractive like Ngapeth. Reply

This is the official format of New Volleyball League 2018, both men's and women's

Re: @Paul
Credits to Germans winning a bronze in 2014 and the 'volleyball history' that was taken account into the selection of 12 classified team. I wonder why the Netherland is not the list, they have a great history. How about Cuba, 2010 bronze medalist in world championship. The level of BS :FIVB.
No shade on the German team, I do think they should be part of the elite teams