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12. 02. 2018

SURPRISE! Legendary Moculescu new coach of BR Volleys

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The defending men’s volleyball champions of Germany, Berlin Recycling Volleys, appointed the new head coach. And not any coach!


The most successful volleyball coach ever in Germany, a 67-year-old Stelian Moculescu replaced Australian Luke Reynolds at the helm of BR Volleys, the 1. Bundesliga champs announced.

They explained the decision to part ways with the talented expert Reynolds with the fact BR Volleys already suffered 8 defeats in 21 games this season and also because no positive development of the team was noticeable in the past few months. It seems it all culminated with the loss in the German championship, last weekend.

As for the Romanian-born Moculescu, who briefly retired one and a half season ago before taking over Austria men’s national team, he is by far the most-titled coach in Germany with 18 gold medals in the national championship, 19 gold medals in the national Cup, and one gold medal in the CEV Champions League (2007), all with BR Volleys’ fiercest rivals VfB Friedrichshafen (1997 to 2016).

Moculescu will make his debut on the bench of BR Volleys on Wednesday, February 14, in the 2018 CEV Champions League match against titleholders Zenit Kazan, Russia.


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1 Comments about "SURPRISE! Legendary Moculescu new coach of BR Volleys"

13.02.2018 | 08:21 |   The One [unregistered]

Stelu is Coach of Austrias men beacht national team, the mens national team is coached bei Michael Warm, who also trains the United Volleys.

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