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13. 01. 2018

Zaytsev to join Milano in the summer? Club president: “We must carefully evaluate the pros and cons”

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By each day, chances that a two-time CEV Champions League MVP Wilfredo León will strengthen Sir Safety Conad Perugia increase. But, it raises the question – what will happen with Ivan Zaytsev?


The Cuban men’s volleyball superstar Wilfredo León might reinforce Sir Safety Conad Perugia from Italy at the end of the season and it’s no longer a secret. But, if the transfer closes, what will happen with Ivan Zaytsev, who would be affected the most with the arrival of León.

The iVolley Magazine spread a rumor that Perugia’s rivals in Serie A1, who are in the process of making a highly competitive squad from the last summer, Revivre Milano aim Zaytsev! In order to find out who realistic this option is, they contacted club president and coach for a statement.

“Ivan is the dream of any president. I think that his arrival in a city like Milan would be good for volleyball in general, it would be a more than perfect media shot, but at the moment it remains a dream... Such a ‘bomb’ involves very high costs. The first thing that comes to my mind is that we would have packed stands every Sunday, but such an operation requires a precise planning. We must carefully evaluate the pros and cons,” Milano president Lucio Fusaro said.

“I know Ivan very well and I know what I’m talking about. Getting a player like him would mean changing Revivre’s system, but I doubt it can be done in a few months. So, I keep my feet on the ground,” Milano coach Andrea Giani added.


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5 Comments about "Zaytsev to join Milano in the summer? Club president: “We must carefully evaluate the pros and cons”"

13.01.2018 | 16:04 |   duh [unregistered]

Put him back to opposite. They don't need Atanasijevic if they have Leon and Russell. Stupid Perugia for trying to release Zaytsev in the open again. Enjoy your silver medals with Atanasijevic. lol

+0            4-
13.01.2018 | 19:10 |   Fan Volleyball [unregistered]

Re: @duh
I agree with you. He could move to Russia, he finally plays his girlfriend in Kazan Elitsa Vasileva.

+1            1-
14.01.2018 | 04:14 |   Pablo [unregistered]

Re: @Fan Volleyball
If the rumors are true, it would make sense for Atanasijevic to move to Kazan to be with Vasileva, only problem is that Kazan already has Mikhaylov

+0            0-
13.01.2018 | 18:53 |   Pablo [unregistered]

A trio of Leon-Zaytsev-Atanasijevic would be unstoppable!

+2            0-
13.01.2018 | 20:52 |   duh [unregistered]

Re: @Pablo
a trio of Zaytsev as opposite-Leon-Russell will be equally unstoppable and more balanced. A team that has a winning mentality and no choker will always be better. God I hope Sirci doesn't make another mistake again. :(
I also don't think Perugia could hire Leon with Atanasijevic. The contract of Leon will be very expensive. They have to cut one between Atanasijevic and Zaytsev to make the transfer possible.

+2            0-
14.01.2018 | 06:25 |   RevanExtasis [unregistered]

Re: @duh
They only can afford Leon for one year ahhahah this guy is out the charts cause he already won everything and he is young as fu%'%&'&% thats why he cost so much for any team. But if Sirci have the money he will negotiate with the best player in the World right now. Somebody says that Atanasijevic already renew his contract so will be hard for him to leave.

+0            0-
15.01.2018 | 00:20 |   dee jae69 [unregistered]

Re: @duh

Sirci dreamt about LEON he will do anything to sign him. i think ZAYTSEV might be leaving PERUGIA. and he need to find a club to put him back being OPPOSITE. he is a good being OPEN HITTER but he is deadly being OPPOSITE. ZENIT KAZAN don't need another FOREIGN PLAYERS ZENIT ROSTER can win without LEON.

+0            0-
15.01.2018 | 20:04 |   duh [unregistered]

Re: @dee jae69 what the actual fuck? You really believe Zenit Kazan can still dominate without Wilfredo Leon? Child, do you know the history of Zenit Kazan before Leon? And do you know that they were just recently thrashed by Belogorie and Petersburg? lmao

I don't get why Sirci should let Zaytsev leave. This is his chance to make Perugia
attract future players to their team. He is Italy's superstar and a true Perugian at birth.

We also have to consider the strength of reception of Russell and Leon together. Zaytsev brings insurance that if the pass can be minimum. There's Zaytsev who can receive as opposite. There's not a lot of opposites that we could consider complete as a player. Zaytsev is one of those rare breeds. Letting him go will be the greatest mistake of Perugia.

+0            1-
16.01.2018 | 09:01 |   dee jae69 [unregistered]

Re: @duh
yes when mikayhlov was injured, the young poletaev played for zenit during the russian championship the setter is grbic and the mvp is anderson. i followed zenit kazan. i know their history. what i mean is that zenit kazan can still dominate even without leon. even leon was named most of kazan MVP the club can still be a force to be reckoned with, without him.

Sirci is dreaming winning CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and put PERUGIA in WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS stage like LUBE does to attract more SPONSORSHIPS and INVESTMENT. SIRCI thought HIRING Ivan Zaytsev can bring PERUGIA, Champions League Trophy and a Ticket to World Club Championships.

Sirci don't think about that. he is dreaming of LEON so no matter what IVAN has to leave. Russell and Atanasijevis contract until 2019 so the only player he need to release is IVAN.

+0            0-
16.01.2018 | 12:33 |   duh [unregistered]

Re: @dee jae69 Check their wins. How many gold medals they have with Leon? How many gold medals they achieved without him? Zenit Kazan will be in bit trouble against the other heavyweights in Russia and Europe. With him on your side they dominated everyone besides Sada Cruzeiro until last year.
Anderson is getting old. He is very mediocre nowadays. He is not important to Zenit Kazan anymore. Only his serve is good. Mikhailov will soon be at his thirties. Poletaev may be good but he needs to prove himself in another club while Mikhailov still reigns supreme as Russia's best opposite.

Atanasijevic's contract will end this year. Same as Zaytsev. One of them will leave if Wilfredo Leon signs a contract with Perugia
Atanasijevic should leave. He chokes in crucial moments. I'd rather have Zaytsev who plays with all his heart, a more reliable player in the end game and a complete player with all the skills in the world a player could ask for. He is also a better team player.

+0            0-
16.01.2018 | 13:11 |   duh [unregistered]

Re: @dee jae69
Have you watch or seen the statistics of the final of Champions League?
Ivan Zaytsev with 14 pts 11 spikes(60% kill with only one fault)
Atanasijevic with only 9 pts 6 kills(32% 4 faults)

Let's get rid of Zaytsev. Just funny. lol

+0            0-
17.01.2018 | 02:34 |   Pablo [unregistered]

Re: @duh
How about the semi-final?
Atanasijevic 20 points ( 19/36 53%), Zaytsev 15 points ( 8/24 33%)

+0            0-
17.01.2018 | 11:12 |   duh [unregistered]

Re: @Pablo How about it? Zaytsev is a receiver. It only means his attack will be affected.
Only proves how a choker cannot be trusted in crucial matches. Zaytsev knows how to win championships. Atanasijevic only knows how to win petty silver medals and choke in the finals. lol

+1            0-
23.01.2018 | 19:10 |   no emotion [unregistered]

Best business decision is to bring Leon in as a true OH and passer. We all know Zaytsev is not.
We also know that although Zaytsev brings passion and emotion it is not all the time and he is a problem in this area. He has been targeted and exposed on serve receive this and last year many times.

Leon is young and way better in this position and consistent every match.
Atanasijevic will respond to being surrounded by hard workers like Russell and Leon. He also likes Perugia and they are paying him very well. Change is not something he likes I sense

As far as Russell he may have a higher ceiling than all these guys and is just touching his potential and just entering his prime.
Perugia would be wise to negotiate his contract sooner than next year as he will be desired by EVERY top team in the world for top dollar. Complete and Elite player

+2            1-
24.01.2018 | 03:49 |   suisse [unregistered]

Re: @no emotion
All correct. Zaytsev is on the downside and earning 3 times what Russell is (true) and the crazy thing is Russell is more valuable. Leon would be a huge addition and truly make Perugia a top 3 team in the world.

+0            0-
24.01.2018 | 11:53 |   duh [unregistered]

lmao zaytsev on the downside? Have you all been watching Perugia's games? Zaytsev's is not on the downside. Discrediting Zaytsev over the choker atanasijevic? Haha makes me laugh out loud. I hope to see Zaytsev in another uniform. Let's see how Perugia feels being crushed by the players who left like Petric and Kaliberda did when Zaytsev faces them with his new club. It always happens to them. The players who leave quashes their dreams of winning a championship. Russell won't stay in this mess of a club. He deserves more money than what he earns after his contract. Podrascanin who has been our best player will leave because Perugia favors Atanasijevic over Zaytsev who is the leader and also happens to give Perugia the ability to recruit a great middle blocker that is not italian. Zaytsev also attracts great players like Colaci to form a great team. Would Colaci even consider a championless team like Perugia? lol Good luck trying to get that winning formula again. Even with Leon... Perugia won't win that much because they have a terrible organization.

+0            0-
24.01.2018 | 13:15 |   suisse [unregistered]

Re: @duh
Yes Ive seen Perugia play many timesover the past 2 years. Not saying Zaytsev is a poor teammate but the fact is he is 29 and sure has a few years left in his prime. Atanasijevic absolutely needs to 'grow up ' a little but he is 26 . Both are ideally opposite attackers and I would say for the future of the team keeping Aleksander and picking up Leon makes the team better and much stronger .
Both Zaytzev and Atansijevics are showman and very emotional and I know the crowds love that. If having to choose, Aleks stays.
Russell and Leon are much more low key and business like.

+0            0-
24.01.2018 | 18:51 |   duh [unregistered]

Re: @suisse Tetyukhin and Fei are over 40 years old and he's still good. Age is nothing but a number.
Zaytsev being italian will always be his advantage over Atanasijevic and the guy can receive too. It's easier to create a winning combination when you have good italian players to compliment your foreign players.
Atanasijevic sucks in crucial moments. Everybody but his fans knows that. Juantorena even threw shade about his palmares being empty because it is true. A silver medal achiever. Even Serbia won gold without him.

+0            0-
24.01.2018 | 17:25 |   Kayro [unregistered]

Atanasijevic is amazing and Perugia wants and will do anything to keep him! And if Leon does not come they will offer all the money in Word to keep him.

+0            0-

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