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Best Volleyball Teams of All Time

by WoV

There have been some incredible volleyball teams over the years. Read on to find out who we think deserves some extra special recognition in our best ever list.

Everyone will have their own favorite, of course. But there have been some volleyball teams down through the years that have just excelled. They may not have even been the ones you were supporting – but you just had to sit back and applaud when they played.

We have decided to profile what we think were the best volleyball teams of all time. They would have definitely featured regularly on sites featuring at Onlinesportsbetting.net and won some of the biggest prizes in the sport. These really were the best of the best.

Italy Men’s National Team 1990s

Some of the coaching staff may have changed through this time – as well as a few of the players as well. But there was one constant that made the Italy men’s team of the 1990s one of the most well-loved teams of all time. That constant was coach Julio Velasco.

He prepared the team like no other and got them off to winning ways with a gold at the 1989 European Championships. The following decade belonged to Italy. There were three World Championships triumphs, a World Cup in 1995, and countless World League titles. They really were the team of the decade.

Cuba Women’s National Team 1990s and 2000s

If you thought that the Italian men’s team was all-conquering, then we would like to remind you of the Cuba women’s of the time. This team was arguably the greatest of all time – in men’s and women’s volleyball. Coach Eugenio George was just simply a genius of the sport.

George led the Cuba team to the winner’s podium an incredible 25 times as it completely dominated the women’s game of the time. There were two World Championships golds, three Olympics golds, four World Cups. There are simply no words to describe just how good this team was.

USA Men’s Olympics Team 1984-1988

The USA men’s team of the 1980s may not have been quite as dominant as some of the others we have mentioned. But for a short while they were the best in the world and – more importantly, possibly – forced America to grow to love volleyball and increase its popularity.

Taking advantage of the Soviet Union boycotting the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the USA took gold on home soil and began a winning streak that took in a World Cup and a World Championships title before defending its Olympic title at the 1988 games in South Korea.

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