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Shadowed by the Upcoming Paris Olympics, CEV Presidential Campaign Heats Up

by WoV

In the shadow of the upcoming Paris Olympics, the intense battles for qualification through the prestigious VNL2024, and the concluding of continental competitions such as the CEV Golden League, the campaign for the upcoming CEV presidential elections is heating up.

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Among the candidates is Roko Sikirić, a former professional volleyball player and Croatian national team member, sports director at a prestigious European club and former CEV employee, who has announced his candidacy for the position of CEV President. Sikirić, with his extensive experience within the CEV system in responsible operational positions, is the first to publicly declare his candidacy and detailed program, which he promises to be held accountable for if elected. Seen as a long-term solution, Sikirić aims to bring new energy and ideas to European volleyball.

In a recent interview with Sportal.rs, Sikirić outlined his vision for the future of European volleyball if elected to the CEV presidency. He expressed a desire to help the beloved sport reach its full potential, tackling key issues.

“I want to depoliticize our sport!” Sikirić said. “I felt the frustration and dissatisfaction of clubs and federations across Europe. My goal is to represent the voice of all, from small to large entities, and transform our competitions to generate profit and distribute it fairly.”

Sikirić’s detailed plan includes 50 directives focusing on commercialization, restructuring competitions, and establishing a solidarity fund to support smaller federations. He aims to revitalize key tournaments like the European Golden and Silver Leagues, making them more valuable and cost-effective for participating federations.

Sikirić also highlighted his unique qualifications: “I am the only candidate with a published program, offering transparency and accountability. My background in a smaller federation allows me to understand the challenges faced by many. With my education and experience, I am ready to lead European volleyball into a new era.”

He acknowledges the widespread support he has received across Europe. Sikirić emphasizes the need for innovation and unity to enhance the sport’s visibility and profitability.

“I conducted a study on the commercial potential of European volleyball and found areas needing significant improvement. My approach is analytical and solution-oriented, ready to collaborate with anyone who has good ideas.”

Sikirić’s campaign also includes plans to change the format of the Champions League, making it more profitable and attractive, and to significantly invest in beach volleyball, which he believes has enormous untapped potential.

The Croatian candidate stresses the importance of a united effort, welcoming collaboration with all parties who share innovative ideas for transforming the sport. His commitment to improving volleyball’s commercial and competitive landscape aims to ensure the sport thrives and achieves its full potential in Europe.

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