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Yuri Cherednik – We can defeat Zenit

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Dinamo Moscow's head coach Yuri Cherednik hopes to repeat the 1/8 finals of the Champions League when they were better than Diatec Trentino. Now they lost their first Playoffs 6 game against Zenit Cherednik believes in a comeback.


Yuri Cherednik

Zenit won. The return match will be played in Moscow. Does the home court influece the game?

Of course, it does. The public is able to create pressure on the opponent.

The popularity of volleyball in Russia is growing – at the games between Zenit and Dinamo, arena is usually packed …

It is. Now our championship is experiencing a “golden age”. Our clubs started to win European cups.

On Wednesday, Zenit has shown nearly flawless volleyball. Can you stop them?

Why not? We can defeat any team. Zenit is no exception. We didin’t play our best in Kazan. We will try to get to the “Golden set”.

Your game depents on Sergey Grankin, he didn’t have a good game?

Sergey wasn’t that bad. I am disappointed with the others – for example, Pavel Kruglov, who, as a real candidate for the national team, has no right to drop below a certain level.

I hope that in the second match the fans will not be ashamed. We can’t retreat.

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