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Slađana Mirković the best setter of U20 WCH – “Award belongs to whole team“

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

Slađana Mirković, the setter of the Serbian Junior national team, is officially the best setter of the 2013 World Championship.

Statistically speaking, Mirković had the best performance of all the setters at the World Championship in Brno.

From day one, she has occupied the leading position in the top of the list, which she jealously guarded until the end of the competition.

Slađana Mirković

Slađana Mirković receiving award for the best setter at U20 WCH

Of course, it is not surprising, especially if one considers that she won the same award at the European Championship in Turkey last year.

When the organizers of the World Championship invited Slađana, after the final match between China and Japan, to come down to the court to receive the award, she was stunned.

“Honestly, I did not expect to receive this award especially because at the end my team took seventh place. To me that was a real surprise. It is a great honor to win this award, but I am sad because I know that as a team we were not able to reach the goal,“ said Mirković and added, “It is normal that any award feels good, but I cannot be happy. I might be happy when I settle the impressions and figure out what does it mean  to me and my further career. Anyway, I thank the girls because without them this award would not have been in my hands. Therefore it belongs to the whole team. This is our last joint tournament in junior competition and that is why this all is even harder.”

That the jury was not wrong, head coach of the senior team of Serbia Zoran Terzić confirmed in some sense. As of Tuesday, Slađana Mirković is with Serbian best players preparing in Kranjska Gora for the 2013 World Grand Prix.

“When I returned from Brno I was invited to join the senior team and for a moment I did not hesitated. Basically, we all want to take a break after a stressful competition like the World Championship, but I could not refuse this call. This is a big step in my career and I am very happy,” said honestly the 18-year-old Slađana.

Working with senior players is nothing new for you. Last year you were already on the national team’s preparations.

“It is true. I played in the European league, but it was totally different story and the lineup. I have a little stage fright how will I handle and fit in. In Kranjska Gora is the Serbian strongest team that there is, but the fact that coach Terzić choose me to be with the team and get ready for a big event such as the Grand Prix, feels good. This will be a great experience for me and I am very happy to work with all the girls,” said Slađana Mirković.

She won the bronze medal at the 2011 European Championships and 2011 World Championship with the U18 Serbian national team and a silver medal at the Youth Olympic Festival – EYOF 2011.

Mirković also won a gold medal at the 2011 and 2012 Balkan Championship.

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