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ROBIN DE KRUIJF: “I want to conquer Europe, Asia can wait”

by WoV

Amazing middle blocker of Piacenza, winner of everything in Italy this season, Robin De Kruijf, talked to WoV about her career and some interesting topics also.

De Kruijf

De Kruijf

First of all, do you plan to stay in Italy?

“I’m not thinking about it yet. First I want to evaluate all options then we will see.”

How did Serie A ended up behind Turkish and Russian league?

“Turkish and Russian championships indeed are the top of the volleyball right now. Still with our win in Moscow I think we showed that we also can play on the same level. There are still a lot of young and talented girls playing in the Italian league so im sure that step forward will be made in the future.”

Are China, Japan and Korea a viable career choice?

“It’s a different style of volleyball, it might be interesting and stimulating to play there and learn that style, it can only make me a more complete player.“

Would you consider going to East Asia?

It’s for sure an option for me for the future. I heard great stories from girls who played there. But for the time being, I want to experience playing in top leagues in Europe.”

Little bit of off topic – how in the World did someone tried to steal your car?

Robin in NT uniform

Robin in NT uniform

“I parked my car for 10 minutes to buy something real quick, when I came outside I couldn’t open my car anymore. I called the garage and they came to try open my car themselves, they also couldn’t and they said in the 10 minutes I was gone my car-lock must have been forced by someone!”

Do you follow football? Will you watch World Championship and cheer for Netherlands?

“I like football but overall I don’t really follow it. Still like every other Dutch person I will watch and cheer for the Netherlands when they play!”

If yes is the answer to #7 who is your favorite football player?

“That will be Robin van Persie of course (just because of his name actually (smiles)”

To close the interview we have one more question, do you like WoV, do you read us and what is your favorite part of the website?

“I Follow WoV on twitter and it’s a perfect way to stay up to date about all volleyball competitions worldwide. Only bad thing, when i start reading the interviews i can’t stop anymore!”


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