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EXCLUSIVE: Ivan Miljković – “Negotiations in progress…”

by WoV

Will Ivan Miljković stay in Fenerbahce or go somewhere else? If you have been asking this question for some time than read our exclusive interview with Serbian volleyball star and you might be closer to the answer…




How are You spending your free time between two seasons?

I am enjoying my free summer with my family travelling around. We are preparing for summer sea vacation.

How would you rate the previous season?

The last season was good. Personally I am very happy. Firstly because at the age of 35 I physically feel very good without any problem and secondly I consider my last season as one of the best in my career. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the championship last year like a lot of people expected from us but considering that we played the finals against the best players of the world, I think we did a very good job. Positive thing is that we won the Challenge Cup for the first time in club’s history.”

But what about the next one? Volleyball fans all around the world are eager to find out where Ivan Miljković will continue career…

“About my future I still don’t really know. At the end of the season there were propositions from other clubs rather than Fenerbahce, but I wanted to be professional and to speak first with my last club. I have authorized my manager to speak with them. It is not a secret that my family and I had a very nice period in last 4 years in Istanbul.”  

Does that mean You are staying in Fenerbahce?

At this moment, there are many rumors about current status and problems in negotiations with Fenerbahce, but until today my manager and me haven’t got any official email or letter that the club wants to interrupt them. I believe everything should be solved soon in one way or another so that I can continue doing what I know best – playing volleyball.”

Miljković continued…

It is also true that the contracts went down in Turkey and Turkish men’s volleyball. All the players in the future will have to accommodate according to the situation. I’ve never had any problems about that.”

What is Your biggest motivation to continue playing?

As I told you before, I still feel good and I think I’ll be ready for high level of volleyball for another 2 years. After that period we are going to see. After 15 years of volleyball, it’s been a while that I don’t depend economically on volleyball anymore, and that I play because I really enjoy it. And because I want to be the best.”

For the end, do you watch World League 2014?

“I follow the latest games and results of the World League 2014 and I have plans to go and see the best teams in Florence later in July. I hope to see my Serbia there!”

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