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SWE W: Girls from Hylte/Halmstad on top of the world

by WoV

It doesn’t happen often that one team scores nothing but wins with an impressive record – winning 45 sets out of 45 sets.

Hylte Halmstad

Hylte Halmstad

It’s the women’s team from Sweden Hylte/Halmstad Volley, that managed to score this result in their domestic championship.

A few days ago, they managed to lose one set, but not in the league. In the final of the Swedish national cup, they lost the first set and then beat the rival 3-1 to lift the trophy.

Still, they are the only team so far this season that didn’t lose a single set in the league. This statistic keeps them on top of the volleyball world.

We’ve contacted the head coach Pedro Mendes to reveal the secret to success.

How did you manage to make such a record?

I believe the reason for such an impressive accomplishment is due to the combination of several factors. These factors include a group of talented ladies hungry to be the best they can be, working as hard as they can, and buying into what it takes to accomplish our goals. As for me, I see myself as the mediator; using the structure and an outside perspective of seeing the game in order to help them get to where they want to go.

Furthermore, I want to share a little side story about the season. Last weekend, we went to play the Swedish Final Cup. Going into the tournament, we hadn’t lost a single set the whole season, and what happens? We ended up losing our first set of the season, in a final match. Fortunately, we were able to bounce back and win the match 3×1, winning the title for the first time in the club’s history! It was a true testament to all of the trust and hard work we have put in so far.

Pedro Mendes with the players

Pedro Mendes with the players

Is volleyball improving in Sweden and what the people there need to do to make volleyball in Sweden more popular?

“Volleyball in Sweden is still progressing in a slow way! Although they are able to discover some of the world’s great Volleyball stars such as Isabelle Haak and Marcus Nilsson, I believe that the biggest change needs to happen in how the sport is promoted in the country. Without the proper exposure, it is almost impossible to inspire young kids to want to play Volleyball at a high level. I am from Brazil and over there, everything changed for the sport in the 1980s when Volleyball was broadcasted on television. Without that exposure, we wouldn’t be where we are now!

Are there some future volleyball stars and candidates for the Swedish National Team?

“We have a few interesting players on our Roster this season that you might see on the National Team in May. They are all still young and in their early twenties. We have a great combination of two liberos with one as the top receiver in the league and the other one is probably the best defender. We have a talented MB, with good explosiveness and also ranked as the best blocker in the league. Lastly, we have one of the most promising OH in the EU, in my opinion. She is a player with a natural skill to kill the ball and a big desire to become better in all aspects of the game! She is the top scorer in our league right now and there is no doubt that she is on her way to accomplishing great things in her volleyball career,” says coach from Brazil, Pedro Mendes.

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