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FIVB Volleyball World League might change format

by WoV

FIVB Volleyball World League might have a new format of competition in 2014 with 28 teams.



There would be three categories, decided by the FIVB ranking. In A, highest category would play Bulgaria, USA, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Italy, Brazil and Japan. They would be separated into two pools and would play six games each (home –away). Two best teams from each pool would advance into final-six, with host or third best team and winner of the B category. They would fight for the prestigious trophy.

The B category consists of 12 teams – France, Germany, Argentina, Netherlands, Iran, Australia, Korea, Canada, Cuba, Belgium, Portugal and Finland. There would be three pools. Winners would advance to the separate final-four, together with host, and the winner of that tournament would join A category on the final-six.

In C, last category, would compete 8 teams that have never played in World League. They would have the opportunity to compete at higher level.

The final format of the competition will be confirmed on 1st December when leadership of the World League will have a meeting.

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