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WoVBlog: Volleyball Shoes – Where’s NIKE?

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

About 15 years ago, we could see male volleyball players wearing NIKE shoes specially made for volleyball.

Teams like LUBE Macerata were sponsored by NIKE and Rosalba, Nalbert and Meoni were wearing black-white NIKE shoes for volleyball. However, recently, NIKE quit producing shoes exclusively for volleyball. In some countries, you can see volleyball clubs wearing training equipment made by NIKE, but not their volleyball shoes. Some NIKE models are look-alike volleyball shoes, but they are not made for professional volleyball players. They are more suitable for younger players who start to practice volleyball.

Volleyball players really like to wear knee pads or some other NIKE stuff, but in most of the countries, it’s hard to find them. That’s why many volleyball players buy the entire stock when they come across them. 



Nevertheless, PRO volleyball players use NIKE shoes. If you didn’t notice them on TV, it’s OK, you couldn’t. If you didn’t have the chance to watch in person or to participate in the FIVB tournaments (World Championships or Olympic Games) a few years ago, NIKE was among the companies who didn’t have the right to be visibly present, so many players were covering the NIKE sign on their shoes with a tape. To have the right to be visibly present as a company in one tournament organized by the FIVB, you were supposed to pay some money to the International Volleyball Federation. Try to find the list of the companies allowed by (who paid to) FIVB on www.fivb.org. We couldn’t…

Why NIKE doesn’t make any more products for PRO volleyball community, especially, volleyball shoes? According to FIVB’s and CEV’s statistics, volleyball is getting more popular every year. More international tournaments, more games, more audience, more countries who broadcast volleyball games. How’s possible that NIKE doesn’t take any advantage of that?

Find out more about NIKE volleyball shoes for women:




The companies preferred by volleyball players when it comes to shoes, at this moment, are: 




1. MIZUNO is a company founded in 1906. In the last few years, MIZUNO has started a very large campaign in volleyball but also in handball and some other team sports. Nowadays, you can see many PRO volleyball players wearing MIZUNO shoes. Also, MIZUNO is a technical sponsor of some important volleyball federations like the USA’s and Russia’s. 

If you are a fan of MIZUNO, check some details about their volleyball shoes here: http://www.best-volleyball-equipment.com/mizuno-volleyball-shoes.html

2. ASICS is a famous Japanese company founded in 1949. Besides volleyball, ASICS also makes shoes for running, basketball and some other sports. For many years, they are recognized as the largest manufacturer of volleyball shoes and, sometimes, volleyball people put ASICS shoes on the pedestal when they speak about volleyball shoes. 

For more details about ASICS volleyball shoes, visit http://www.best-volleyball-equipment.com/asics-volleyball-shoes.html 

3. OLYMPIKUS volleyball shoes became famous because the Brazilian national team wears them and has won so many important international volleyball competitions (Olympic Games, World League, World Championship). OLYMPIKUS is a technical sponsor of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation for many years. 

But where is NIKE in PRO volleyball? 



Female PRO volleyball players like to change shoes more often than men. And they prefer NIKE low running shoes in different colors: green, yellow, red… It can look weird, but the majority of the women’s volleyball players prefer NIKE shoes with AIR sole: a very soft shoe for a very dynamic sport like volleyball with a lot of lateral and vertical movements. 

On the other hand, you can see many male volleyball players using NIKE shoes, but for BASKETBALL. Red, blue, green, low, high, etc. All of them find these shoes more comfortable than MIZUNO’s, ASICS’ or other shoes designed and created for volleyball. 

Is it just accidental or people from NIKE know that even if they don’t make any particular shoe for professional volleyball players, they will still have a big piece of volleyball market with shoes for young volleyballers? 

What do you prefer for your volleyball practice: NIKE KOBE basketball shoes or maybe MIZUNO WAY LIGHT or ASICS GEL? Should we invite NIKE to think about starting to make shoes for PRO volleyball again?

If you don’t know which shoes are best for volleyball, read this article: http://www.volleyballcorner.com/footwear


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