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Volleyball managers and volleyball “managers”

by WoV

It is well-known that volleyball managers officially do not exist. Take a look at the FIFA and NBA; to become a representative of the players you have to be registered in the international federation, pass some exams (and they are not simple at all) and after that you can call yourself a "manager".



Is it like that in volleyball?

FIVB does not recognize the position of “volleyball manager” as a representative of the player. At least not officially. There are no regulations regarding this. For FIVB it depends from case to case. It depends of the interest in each single case.

And what about the people who call them “volleyball managers”? They continue to work and get their 5-10% provision. Can they protect the player’s interests if their contract is not respected? If they get injured in the middle of the season?

There are honest people who try to do their best and help the volleyball player find the team to play. And they also help the team. The manager will always have a mutual interest in one transaction; for the player but also for the club. The manager will have to collaborate also with a team in the future. That’s why there should be as least problems as possible in player-club’s relation.

And there are other “managers”. The ones who go around and play a double game. To a volleyball club, they say they represent a volleyball player and ask if they are interested in this player. If the club responds positive, after that they call a player and say they have a club for them. They work for both, the club and the player or they work for themselves?

In many cases they don’t ask if the player is already represented by somebody. The only thing important is to “steal” a player and close the deal. And get the money.

Strangely, this deals have some special conditions: the money for the player has to go via manager’s bank account or the amounts written in the contract and how much the player gets really are completely different, etc.

Would you accept this kind of a deal?

Many volleyball players  say bye-bye to previous representatives due to a “convincing story” made by their “new managers”.

The volleyball players get the contract. The clubs get the player. The “managers” close a deal. And everybody is happy, isn’t it?

The biggest problem is that there is no system regarding the representetives of volleyball players that has to e made by directly interested entity: the FIVB. They have to protect the rights of the volleyball player but also of the volleyball clubs. They have to make the rules of the game. After this, the system will not allow some “managers” to close their players’ cases in a few months and other players and “managers” will have to wait without answer for months. Everybody is loosing in this game: the FIVB, the players and the clubs. Or not?

Why FIVB didn’t make that intill now? The only excuse that we can find is that there can arise some kind of “a conflict of interest”.

Is it right? Should it be that way? Make your own decision. Untill then, maybe there are persons going around volleyball community and offering you as a player to the clubs. And you don’t even know anything about this. Think about what would you do in that occasion.


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