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WCH M: Toniutti – “In semies with one foot”

by WoV

Smiles all over the French players faces after the game. Nothing else was expected though.



Mory Sidibe“We have that amazing fighting spirit that allows us to continue our journey to the top. We have to continue and be even but I believe that we can do that.”

Jenia Grebennikov“It was the defence mainly that won the game for us. We have build that style of play because many players in France lack height and reach, so we must defend like crazy in order to beat great teams.”

Benjamin Toniutti“Everything worked very well, I think that our service was the key. When we are serving with so much quality, it’s hard to score on us. Germany was forced to play high balls due to our strong serve which made our defence a lot easier. Now we are with one foot in the semifinals.”

When asked about Iran and who is the main target to be focused on, both Grebennikov and Toniutti pointed out that Marouf is the most dangerous player in Iran.

How about the gold? After this kind of performance, it’s the logical thought that comes up isn’t it? All of them smiled when asked about that, but the captain, Toniutti said: “No! We are focused and going step by step right now”. Well, Grebennikov and Sidibe weren’t that modest. Both of them said that gold is in their minds but it’s not going to be a distraction whatsoever.


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