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LIVE FROM MILANO: Big surprise for Italy, China in finals

by WoV
source: photo: fivb.org

China is the second finalist of the FIVB World Championship 2014 in Milano. In the unbelievable semifinal match the team of Lang Ping has defeated Italy 3-1.

Italy – China  1-3 (21-25, 20-25, 25-20, 28-30)

Italy vs China

Italy vs China

28-30 after six equalization China won this match and went to the big finals

27-26 ace of Del Core for set point for Italy 

23-23 Italy equalized with ace of Diouf and after that she made mistake for match point for China

20-23 for young team of China 

17-20 Zhu scored over duble block of Italy 

15-16 with high block of Yang  China  went on the second TTO with +1

15-15 new equalization for China 

14-11 since Diouf  came into the game Italy does not know for mistake

8-7 12600 spectators are enjoying in the great game of Italy and China

5-5 Wei equalized

5-3 Italy made four points in row for leadership 

0-2 China opened the fourth set 

The fourth set

Italy vs China

Italy vs China

25-20 with two points in row Diouf  finished the third set 

23-20 Folie put third block for +3 

22-21 once again China came near Italy 

21-18 thanks to the strong attack teh hosts run three points 

17-15 Hui  scored ace for -2 and Bonitta called time out 

16-12 for Italy after powerful attack of Diouf  

11-6 Diouf  scored amazing point for Italy and +5

8-5 Lo Bianco put the block for Italian leadership on the first TTO 

6-3 Lang Ping called time out because of mistakes which her players made

4-2 The host team opened this third set

The third set

Italy vs China

Italy vs China

20-25 Del Core made service mistake for 0-2 for China 

18-23 Amazing Zhu scored point for China  once again 

16-21 Italy is trying to get China which is in the mood, TO Italy 

11-16 Zeng stopped Costagrande and what is interesting it seems that Italy cannot stop Chinese attack 

9-13 China is playing liek never before while Italy is still without solution

7-8 since the beginning of the second set teams are playing point by point 

The second set

Italy vs China

Italy vs China

21-25 Zhu  used the second set point for 1-0 in sets for China

20-24 Yuan score set point for China 

18-21 Del Core made mistake at very important moment for Italy 

15-19 Chinese players will not let Italy to easy wins points

14-16 Zeng brought China  the lead on the second TTO

14-15 ace of Costagrande for -1

10-14 Bonitta called tim out

7-10 Zhu made +3 points for China 

7-8 Hui scored point for China who is leading on the fisrt technical time out , but the teams are playing point by point since 4-4

2-4 China  opened the match against the host team 

Italy vs China

Italy vs China

ITALY: De Gennaro, Folie, Centoni, Ferretti, Chirichella, Piccinini, Arrighetti, Lo Bianco, Del Core, Bosetti, Diouf, Costagrande. Coach: Marco Bonitta.

CHINA: Yuan, Zhu, F. Yang, Shen, J. Yang, Wei, Zeng, Liu, Shan, Hui, Chen, Wang. Coach: Ping Lang.


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Ali Y October 11, 2014 - 11:16 pm

Despite the efforts of the referee, China managed to prevail. Italy deserved to be eliminated. Italy made the starting squad play too long against Russia and they are already too old;so fresh China crushed them in the beginning. Then, Italy gambled and played with two opposites, risking the reception with two players. This was just desperation. At this level, you can not play with a very low blocking setter and you can not receive with two players. China had no problems in attacking at all.

fabio October 12, 2014 - 3:00 am

Yeah. Playing 3 games Friday/Saturday semi-final/Sunday final, really? I can not believe how naive Brazil and Italy was.

Imagine if Dominican Republic if winning in 3-2 vs Brazil could reach the semi-finals, that would be 4 straight games. And who can do that? Besides being not fair is really dumb.


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