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ARG M: 8 players leave UNTreF out of protest, club avoids abandoning top division at the last moment

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source: voleyplus.com; Photo: facebook.com/untrefvoley

The Argentinan men’s volleyball championship Liga Argentina de Voleibol Banco Nación 2017/18 club UNTreF Vóley was close to leaving the tournament in the mid-season.



The survival of UNTreF Vóley in this season’s Liga BNA was accomplished in the last moment and the reason why the club was in trouble was not of a financial nature as many would instantly think.

Namely, about two weeks ago, UNTreF got themselves a new head coach, the legendary Argentina men’s national team player Marcos Milinkovic, who started the season as Sports Manager of the club. He replaced Juan Manuel Barrial who moved to the United Arab Emirates where he will be at the helm of Al Jazira. It caused a disagreement of nearly half of UNTreF’s roster. Precisely, 8 players protested against this appointment, considering the assistant coach Pablo Rico should have replaced Barrial.

What connects these 8 players and assistant Rico? They all came from the same club, Club de Amigos, who merged with UNTreF last summer. And, since these players (Liam Arreche, Ignacio Espelt, Lucas Sferrayo, Luis Cortese, Julián López, Tomás Barisic, Santiago Arroyo and Matías Bistoletti), including physical trainer, decided to leave UNTreF, the Liga BNA side did not have the minimum number of players required to compete in the tournament, which is 10.

So, the League (ACLAV) itself came to the rescue, making a regulation that leans on the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation and which allows UNTreF to register a group of players who competed in low-ranked leagues this season and were never on a payroll of the club.

Thus, UNTreF will continue taking part in the country’s top division – Liga BNA.


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