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Fabiana: Brazilian Volleyball Confederation showed disrespect to players

by WoV
source: terra.com.br; Photo: fivb.org

After several players from men's national team of Brazil have spoken about the corruption scandal in the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV), it was time for an icon of female NT to say something on the subject.



The middle blocker Fabiana, captain of the Brazilian national team and Sesi-SP, in a statement released to the press, said that the irregularities in the CBV are disrespectful for sport lovers, and added, she expects the situation to improve from now on.

“I am young athlete and much of what I have today, I owe to the sport and to my country. But, I have strong principles and character of convictions that were passed to me in the family, so when I see or experience something that feels wrong, I cannot agree with it. The justice will be served, the evidence is there and this outrage we feel, cannot and should not be ignored”.

According to the report of Federal Controller General, part of the bonus offered by the sponsor Banco do Brazil for the performance of the national team were not paid to the players and the coaching staff by the CBV. That angered the captain of the NT.

“People who are part of the Confederation should be fighting with us for the good and for the evolution of this sport, instead of using tricks to enrich illegally on top of our daily struggle and sweat to win. This act seems to me, at least, as a great disrespect. Disrespect to us athletes, disrespect for professionals who live of volleyball and mainly, disrespect for sport lovers”.

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