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BRA: Federation renewed contract with Banco do Brasil – „We’ll refund misused money“

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source: globo.com; Photo: lowsweetling.com

After the historic sponsorship of Banco do Brasil and the Brazilian volleyball Confederation (CBV) has been renewed, the most important volleyball organization in that country promised to follow the recommendations in the agreement.



In an interview with the Brazilian station „SporTV“, the general secretary of CBV, Neuri Barbieri, highlighted the organization’s commitment to refund the money that may be proven as misused.

Barbieri also highlighted the end of nepotism in the CBV and the creation of a committee.

„We’ll create a committee to support the management and stop hiring former employees, directors, relatives. We’ll encourage civil lawsuits to try compensating amounts eventually paid for the services not provided to us. In a deeper analysis of the report of the Comptroller General and in contracts, we’ll check the services that weren’t delivered and that compensation should be within the values sponsored by the CBV.“

The state financial institution, Banco do Brasil is the sponsor of the CBV for 24 years. During the period of a partnership, the Brazilian national teams won 19 medals, including both – indoor and beach volleyball.

The contract was renewed after it has been suspended in December last year due to a number of financial irregularities of the CBV members.


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