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BRA M: Cruzeiro tie semis vs. Taubaté at 2-2, Leal attacked by home fans in big fuss after the match (VIDEO)

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source: superliga.cbv.com.br

Sada Cruzeiro tied the series of the 2017/18 Brazilian men’s volleyball championship Superliga playoff semifinals against EMS Taubaté Funvic at 2-2.

The top-seed Cruzeiro recovered from being 0-2 in the series of the 2017/18 Superliga playoff semifinals and will have the chance to give the final blow to No.4 Taubaté in front of own crowd on April 21. Cruzeiro swept the rivals for the second time in a row, partially 25-23, 27-25, 25-20, but with each set being highly competitive.

The game was held in front of the packed stands at Taubaté’s gymnasium, Abaeté. Among 3,000 home spectators, there was a group od Cruzeiro’s supporters. And while they celebrated the victory of their team after the match, the home crowd physically attacked their players, being especially furious with Yoandy Leal because he, allegedly, used some offensive gestures towards them. In addition to trying to hurt him, Taubaté fans responded by shouting at him „Go back to Cuba“.

Luckily, Taubaté players got involved and calmed own supporters down so that Leal and the other Cruzeiro players could proceed to their locker room.

Leal was the best scorer on the winning side with 16 points, including 4 kill blocks. His compatriot Robertlandy Simón made 80% attack (8/10). In Taubaté, Wallace Souza scored 10 points.


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RevanExtasis April 18, 2018 - 7:02 pm

No matter which passport or what papper he has, he will always be a Cuban Player and those ignorant and stupid people of brazil who most part of him dont have high school degrees are the ones who tease Leal every single game, Leal didnt show the middle finger where is the proof? didnt saw in the tv game, everybody could say he do this he do that, of course cause some people are againts his Brasil NT selection, guess what bitches, deal with it.


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