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WCH 2018 M: Drawing of Lots completed, this is pools composition!

by WoV

The Drawing of Lots for the first-ever co-hosted FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championship, that was held in Florence, Italy, has been completed.

2018 FIVB Mens World Championship

2018 FIVB Mens World Championship

With the presence of the two volleyball stars from Italy, Samuele Papi and Francesca Piccinini, on stage, the Drawing of Lots for the 2018 FIVB Men’s World Championship in Italy and Bulgaria has been completed in Florence and this is the pools composition that came out as a result of the ceremony. Pay attention to the group of death – Pool C!

Note: The Netherlands has been initially drawn for the sixth row in Pool D, but as the President of European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Aleksandar Boričić explained, they had to be moved to Pool B because a maximum of three teams from Europe are allowed to be in the same pool. Earlier, in addition to Bulgaria and Poland, Finland has been drawn as the third European side in Pool D.

Pool A: Italy, Argentina, Japan, Belgium, Slovenia, Dominican Republic

Pool B: Brazil, Canada, France, Egypt, China, The Netherlands

Pool C: USA, Russia, Serbia, Australia, Tunisia, Cameroon

Pool D: Bulgaria, Poland, Iran, Cuba, Finland, Puerto Rico

Recall the format of a Draw.

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