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FRA W: Ravva – „I don’t regret for retirement, I could have snapped at any time“

by WoV
source: lnv.fr; Photo: eurosport.com

Since May this year, volleyball fans in France and Europe are no longer able to enjoy the play of a legendary Victoria Ravva. The Georgia-born middle blocker doesn’t regret her decision to retire after 25 years of playing professional volleyball.




„I came to an age where it’s difficult to do better. Players at 40 are rarely seen to play at a high level. It was time to stop. I felt my body was weaker and I could snap at any time! So, I was eager to start something else. There’s no regret because I extended to the maximum and I feel fulfilled in what I’m doing now. I left when I wanted to,“ Ravva explained why she decided to end her career.

„I’m currently in the management and sports marketing training program in Limoges. It always interested me and I always wanted to do this as a job. This training is amazing and it really suits me. You work with other top athletes, it’s also a kind of human adventure. In addition, as a volunteer, I work at RC Cannes, because it’s my club, my family, and I won’t give up on them just like that. And, there might be a position where I’d find myself later after training. I could be a sports director of a club after finishing the management and sports marketing program,“ the three-time CEV Champions League MVP defined her desires in after sports career.

Ravva took 19 titles in the French league, 18 French Cups, two CEV Champions League trophies, and one Turkish Cup.


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