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GER F: Successful revenge

by WoV
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Even if the Roten Raben trainer Guillermo Gallardo wouldn't talk in advance about revenge- lust: His team has revenged themselves on the 20th Bundesligaday by the USC Münster impressive for the 0:3 defeat in the home game. In front of 1711 spectators Lina Meyer and Co. won an the hill Fidel in 71 minutes of the game with 3:0 (25:17, 25:16, 25:16) against the until than table fourth.

Sovereign victory

The otherwise strong home USC was overrun in the two first capital by the Rote Raben express. Punchy impacts, low inherent error rates and more penetration in the attack made the differences by the Rote Raben. ” We have got through the match today, Münster has done much mistakes . It was also exactly vice versa like the first leg, when by us nothing works and Münster was very strong, stated Guillermo Gallardo. So the 25:17 and 25:16- record profits were clear from the beginning.

But In the third record the Münsteranerinnen wouldn’t get defeat so easy and with the Lea Hildebrands punchy impacts the USC took the 3:0 lead. But already in the first technical time-out the Roten Raben took the 8:7 lead back and expanded the lead continue, to get the 8th success in this season. This two points means at the same time consolidation of the table firsts, as the persecutor bailed in Hamburg with a 3:1 defeat.

A golden MVP- medal for Lena

Setter Lena Möllers was chosen cause of her wise direction by USC- Coach Axel Büring for the valuable player of the Roten Raben. Guillermo Gallardo decided to choose the Dutch Lonneke Sloetjes, who get 14 points against the Liga- Primus.

An exciting week with two home game crackers is now waiting for the Rote Raben. On Wednesday, the 15th February is the VC Wiesbaden at 20.15 guest in the Ballsporthalle. And on Saturday, the 18th February, it comes to the DVV- Cup final’s rehearsal, because the Schweriner SC is at 20 o’clock there. Tickets for these both Top games you can get in the Online-Shop, in our shop (Seyboldsdorfer Str. 20), by Rad & Sport Bauer (Frontenhausener Str. 44) and also in all famous eventim- booking office

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