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ITA A1 M: Macerata: St Valentine, Giuliani sent a message to fans

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Alberto Giuliani: It is true that we cannot simply give ourselves a bit of tranquility. On one hand it is for the results that have to be strictly followed and on another hand it is partially for few training sessions, or many trips. And then, when we seem to have found our balance, we have to face a new period in light-dark.

Alberto Giuliani

Alberto Giuliani

We are definitely experiencing a wavering moment, which absolutely does not undermine the potential of this team.

On the eve of the Italian Cup Final Four, which represents the first major event of the season, I can guarantee that all t teams against we play have enormous technical and competitive quality. Absolute credentials of a team that wants to get away.

Okay, let’s go to Rome with a little doubt in continuity, but the great technical features and character of Lube Banca Marche have been already shown, and not a small thing, those that have been shown are the most important.

It will happen at Roman manifestation. Believe me, this is a simple and natural  official defense. I’ve always been convinced of the strength of Lube Banca Marche, and certainly it will not be the misstep to erase impressions and certainties of Vibo from last Sunday. Yes, let us feel your trust.

If you can leave aside the controversy over frivolity and follow us as you have always done: with affection and commitment. The season is getting into full swing and we are race for  all the goals in spite of the lack of continuity in this period.

The Lube Banca Marche can really do much, let’s do it together.

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