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GRE M: Iraklis team presentation

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Andrej Kravarik appeared on the presentation of the Iraklis team. Dusko Novoselac will be the captain. There was talk of the Greek A1 league. For more volleyball news visit worldofvolley.com


Iraklis press conference

Andrej Kravarik spoke during the presentation of Iraklis.

Welcome to the group presentation. We are all expecting much right now, not only the coaching staff, but the team and the fans. I am very pleased that we can fight this year in A1, because it took us heroic efforts to build a decent team.

Dusko Novoselac will be the team captain. I hope that this team will do everything to make everyone happy, and that it will show it on the field.

This year, we want to play the best volleyball we can, to come to a high level, and not to go down without a fight.

Asked about his new role, this time on the bench, Andrej Kravarik said: “I have been ready for fifteen years. However, there is not much difference. I do not think that the position of a coach is something special.

After so many years I played here and in other teams I learned a lot. I will try to implement it and we’ll talk at the end about whether I succeeded or not. What I wanted to when I was finished my career, was to give all the secrets and benefits I learned to the next generation, and specifically to my players.

When asked if he is concerned about the coming season, he said: “No, I fear nothing. The players are ready. I know what the players need to do.

Of the team he said: “The players we have chosen over the difficulties we had, I think are the best for this year. We made the best signings. We have a good team.

I am a man who always thinks positively. Regardless of the situation I find myself, my family, team. The only certainty is that there is a positive energy. If we do our job properly you will see that the team will plays like it’s together for a long time.

His assistant (right on the photo) said: “I want to give a big thank you to Andrej, who chose me to be beside him.”

We made a very big effort together and I think the players you see here are great. We started literally from scratch and we are ready to turn a new page. We will be like a book with a simple cover, without too many colors, but with faith that people will love it. We hope this book enters the Iraklis library along with all successes.

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