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ITA W: Bergamo surrenders to Villa with 3:2

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The match between Villa Cortese and Bergamo did not leave disappointed the fans in PalaBorsani. Over two hours of battle the hosts won in the tie-break, after having wasted the golden opportunity to close the match in the previous set.

MC Carnaghi Villa Cortese

MC Carnaghi Villa Cortese

In the first set Villa started well with 3:1. Bergamo recovered thanks to Vasileva and the block of Serena on Bosetti (7:8).  Perinelli and Berg of Villa took the lead of 19:16. Pavan defended well against the attacks of the rival and Cruz closed the set with 25:22.

The second set started evenly (7:8). Then Bergamo took the advantage of 9:12, 13:16. Foppapedretti secured the lead with  the block of Serena and Piccinini (16:21). Vasileva scored 18:24 and Quaranta closed the set with 19:25.

In the third set Villa was leading until the first technical timeout (8:7). The coach Mazzanti relied on Di Iulio, Diouf and Signorile to improve the score, but Pavan secured the lead for Villa of 22:19. Piccinini and Di Julio made the final assault, but Guiggi closed the set in favor of Villa with 25:22.

In 4. set Bergamo was ahead with 6:8 thanks to Diouf and Piccinini. After the balanced result of 9:8 and 11:13, Bergamo took the lead of 15:16. Then Villa Cortese wasted the opportunity to secure the advantage of 22:20. Thanks to the block of Arrighetti and Diouf, Bergamo won the set with 26:28.

Villa Cortese started well in the fifth set with 3:0 and 8:5. Di Iulio and Arrighetti wasted two match balls for the red and blue and Pavan closed the set with 17:15 in favor of Villa.

MC-CARNAGHI VILLA CORTESE – NORDA FOPPAPEDRETTI BERGAMO 3:2 (25:22, 19:25, 25:22, 26:28, 17:15)

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