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ITA M: Modena Announces Departure of Head Coach Andrea Giani!

by WoV

Valsa Group Modena officially announced that Andrea Giani will not be continuing as the head coach for the upcoming season. In their statement, the club expressed their deep gratitude towards Giani for his unwavering dedication, commitment, and professionalism over the past four years, which ultimately led to their victory in the CEV Cup.

Photo: CEV

Modena and Andrea Giani share an inseparable bond, strengthened by the unforgettable emotions they experienced together. The club wished Giani all the best in his personal and professional life, affirming that Modena was, is, and will always be his home.

Rumors within the volleyball community suggest that Modena Volley has been considering the current coach of Trentino, Angelo Lorenzetti, as a potential successor to Giani. If appointed, this would mark Lorenzetti’s return to the club, where he previously led the team from 2012 to 2016.

The potential successors of Andrea Giani, including Lorenzetti, Anastasi, Blengini, and Bernardi, have generated much attention among volleyball enthusiasts who are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the new coach for this Italian volleyball powerhouse.

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