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EMIR CUP M: Wlazly – “I was very tired, but the offer was really interesting”

by WoV
source: Photo: Al Arabi

Probably every single volleyball fan was surprised when he/she saw Mariusz Wlazly in the shirt of Al Arabi at the Emir Cup in Qatar.



There was not a single info about the possible transfer of Wlazly to Qatar, and the explanation is that the two sides finalized the deal in the last moment.

“I was very tired after the difficult season. Escpecially mentally… But, the offer was really interesting” said Wlazly for sport.pl, while the article adds that the Polish superstar hesitated until the last moment whether to accept the offer from Al Arabi.

Also, his club PGE Skra Belchatow did not want to interfere in this transfer.

We did not want to make any problems to Mariusz. After all, he will be there only for one week” stated Konrad Piechocki, the President of the club. 


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wujek_samo_dobro May 11, 2015 - 6:34 pm

You’re really amazing! Everything for your foundation, for children. I’m pround of you, my idol!


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