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ITA M: Trentino arena gets new look for upcoming season (PHOTOS)

by WoV
source: trentinovolley.it; Photo: PHOTOTRABALZA/twitter.com/trentinovolley

„PalaTrento“, the arena where Diatec Trentino plays its matches as a home team, is under renovation.

Trentino 1

Trentino 1

Just like the players of Serie A1 title holder, the facility where they perform as hosts is preparing for the new season, too.

In fact, a complete modernization of the indoor arena that was built 15 years ago, is in a in full swing. It will make the sports hall even more safe, comfortable and enjoyable for the fans of Trentino.

„The new grandstand is under construction and the capacity of one existing stand will be increased to offer an exceptional visual experience to the fans,“ writes Trentino’s website.

Trentino 2

Trentino 2

Trentino 3

Trentino 3

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