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ITA M: Giacomo Sintini Blog – Irene

by WoV
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A few weeks ago I visited a young girl of 11 years suffering from leukemia.Since I've been out of the hospital as a patient I try to go often to visit the ward who is undergoing therapies. I feel good within those walls and I like being able to help.


Association Giacomo Sintini

When I created the Association James Sintini I thought this too, spend some time with children and adults suffering from cancer that they can see me as a positive example, winning the disease, which gives them and their loved ones the most important thing: the Hope.
When the nurses asked me to come to Irene, who had started the chemo for a few weeks only, I was warned not to pay too much attention to its coldness. They told me to ignore it and wait a little because he had not taken well at the challenge that life was imposing.

I took a deep breath, I wore a mask and gown and I went into his room.
She is there on the bed, no hair, pale and tired but beautiful as only children can be. He gives me a quick look, just to see whu came up, and then without saying a word, he plunged back into the comic he was turning before my arrival.

With she is her mom.She comes up to me and welcomed me with sweetness. He asks me who I am and so I start to tell her everything. As I speak Irene listens to me. I said I’m a volleyball player in Serie A, but she does not turn. Then get to the point, I mention Cancer and the fact that I have been sick, and in his eyes a light goes on. He smiles at me now, it makes me space on his huge white bed and invites me to sit beside her. They are part of his world and now he wants to meet me. He wants me to tell her everything and when I do I hold her hand. She is curious to know how I found the tumor and I had to face a lot of care. She wants me to show her my photos, the photos we took during my endless admissions and is surprised to see me as her pale, bald and very, very tired. He asks me hundreds of things and I am thrilled, I speak freely and I feel that I’m helping. I’m also helping her mom.

Eventually Irene hugged me and said, “Mom, but do you realize? Did you see at Christmas he was like me! And now look at him, he’s here and play in Serie A! Then you can do …… “.

That was priceless. This is why I pluck up courage and go back as often as I can in the hospital even though I do not always find it easy. Why can convey hope and courage to someone really in need is priceless and there is nothing more beautiful!

I wanted to share with you this huge emotion so that you can understand me. All we can do for these people. The world of volleyball has a great culture and sensitivity. I’m sure I can always count on your help. The message we bring is important: attitude is everything!

See you soon and a hug, Jack Sintini.

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