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ITA M: Zaytsev – “Bernardi and I had problems but he knew I was just 21-year-old lunatic…”

by WoV
source: gazzetta.it; Photo: Valerio Origo/oasport.it

Italian men’s volleyball superstar Ivan Zaytsev gave a lengthy interview to “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, looking back to the season so far, which includes change of coach in Sir Safety Perugia.




“I think that for our play the most important is the way Lorenzo Bernardi coaches, not only for the team but especially for myself. I’m doing a good job currently in reception and also, we are working so much as a team. With Russell’s injury we did lose some time to find the right balance but thanks to the fact that Berger proved as big signing, all went for the best. Personally, I am not happy with my performance and I will be only when I get to a stable 70% of positive reception and at least a 40% perfect. Until now, I can say that I went pretty well, although it is obvious that having a setter in front of De Cecco’s value helps us a lot. But to understand what level we are at, we simply just have to wait for the match against Piacenza who play pretty good: for me, this will be will be the test of truth,” Zaytsev said to “La Gazzetta dello Sport”.

“In the last seven games we have left our opponents just one set… These victories are the confirmation that we are working well. We are not looking at the calendar and do not count the rivals we faced, even if we know we have to improve and that we cannot always win 3-0. Bernardi and I collaborated in 2009 at the Mediterranean Games and today I found him changed a lot. I see him as a positive coach. Then, there were some problems but he was in early stage of his career and understood that I was rather just a 21-year-old lunatic…” ‘The Zar’ added.


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