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ITA W: Barun for the second consecutive time top scorer in Serie A1

by WoV

Katarina Barun Susnjar is once again the top scorer of the Italian Serie A1. In the 4th round, she scored 27 points against Pesaro which her team defeated in the tie-break.

Katarina Barun Susnjar


Katarina jumped three places from the last round. She is now fourth with 78 points. Paola Egonu is still on the top with 99 points followed by Michelle Bartsch 84 points and Isabelle Haak 81 points.

Francesca Devetag and Freya Aelbrecht this time were the best blockers with 6 block each, while Kimberly Hill, Anastasia Guerra and Michelle Bartsch only in the whole round scored 3 aces.



Katarina Barun (LJN Modena) 27

Lise Van Hecke (Pesaro) 24

Paola Egonu (Novara) 22

Isabelle Haak (Scandicci) 21

Stephanie Enright (Novara) 20

Michelle Bartsch (UYBA) 20

Alessia Gennari (UYBA) 20

Sarah Pavan (Pomi) 20

Helena Havelkova (Monza) 20

Francesca Piccinini (Novara) 20

Freya Aelbrecht (Pesaro) 19

Vittoria Piani (UYBA) 19

Kimberlli Hill (Imoco) 19

Serena Ortolani (Monza) 18

Berenika Tomsia (Filottrono) 16

Caterina Bosetti (LJN Modena) 16

Yanila Nizetich (Pesaro) 16

Edina Begic (Monza) 15

Annie Drews (Legnano) 15



Francesca Devetag (Monza) 6

Freya Aelbrecht (Pesaro) 6

Paola Paggi (Bergamo) 4

Ilaria Garzaro (LJN Modena) 4

Adenizia Silva (Scandicci) 4

Jovana Stevanovic (Pomi) 3

Alessia Gennari (UYBA) 3

Beatrice Berti (UYBA) 3

Francesca Feretti (LJN Modena) 3

Lise Van Hecke (Pesaro) 3



Kimberly Hill (Imoco) 3

Anastasia Guerra (Pomi) 3

Michelle Bartsch (UYBA) 3


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