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Italy: Casa Modena – CMC Ravenna 15.01.2012 at 6pm

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Italy: Casa Modena - CMC Ravenna 15.01.2012 at 6pm - PAST ENCOUNTERS: 1 (Modena)

Daniele Bagnoli (coach Casa Modena): “Ravenna has improved a great deal since the start of the season and they have troubled quite a few teams even top ones. Besides, they have a dream, difficult but not impossible, staying up, which is why they play all out wherever they go. Having said that, it’s logical that we want to win and take all three points. Unfortunately, we’ve had a difficult week with the flu hitting many players and me included. We did not train properly. We are satisfied with our league position but in the mid-long term we want to be more demanding with our level of play, we want to improve and be ambitious”. 


Antonio Babini

Antonio Babini (coach CMC Ravenna):There are fewer and fewer games to play and the gap with the safety zone is increasing. We have to focus on our game and try to win every game we play, even in Modena, even if the level of our opponents will be extremely high given that Modena is among the league favourites, but we are in good form and we’ll try our best”.

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