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SRB W: Vargas chooses to play for Serbia National Team?

by WoV
source: Photo: voleybolunsesi.com

The spectacular news is coming from Serbia: Melissa Vargas will get the right to play for its women’s volleyball national team in 2022!



As WorldofVolley found out, Cuban player Melissa Vargas, one of the best opposite hitters in the world, has obtained Serbian citizenship last year, which was pretty much kept under the veil of secrecy. Two years from now, a 20-year-old player will have the right to change the sports nationality into Serbian.

Vargas was banned from playing for the Cuba National Team for four years in 2018, which was an extension of a one-year ban that she received prior to that.

It remains to be seen what reshuffling will Serbia Women undergo in 2022 if Vargas truly joins them given that they have, probably, the best opposite hitter in the world at the moment – Tijana Bošković. Is Vargas going to be paired up with outside hitter Brankica Mihajlović? Maybe…



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0 comment

Marko September 23, 2020 - 10:23 pm

Amazing News. Serbia will be a contender in Paris, while Turkey will not even qualify with Ebrar.

aerler September 25, 2020 - 12:19 am

Vargas chooses nothing because neither turkish nor other federation invited her to play in their nt, except for the serbs. she is neither an egonu (italian born african) nor an ismailoglu (bosnian born turk) and vargas may damage the chemistry of an nt. however terzic, her coach for years, is close to her and may be covinced to adapt her to the serbian team.

we must focus on 2 points: this ‘veil of secrecy’ and reaction of people in the website.

serbs surely kept things secret,as they were afraid if turks discovered their intention they would also made an offer to her which would ruin serbs’dreams.
but this ‘veil of secrecy’ may cause big drouble to terzic and fenerbahce may fire him and even vargas next year…but these are my personal opinions. lets wait and see.

more interesting is after fake news that vargas would play for turkey drove some people in the worldofvolley mad, they screamed like ‘scandalous….must be prohibited….big fraud’, and now i see these crusader-minded idiots keep silence. 😀

Parti September 27, 2020 - 11:40 pm

Re: @aerler
I love how you put in one sentence Paola Egonu and Ismailoglu like it was the same.Hahahaha Meliha Ismailoglu or real surname for now Smajlovic is born in Bosnia and came to Turkey to play for money.Yeah i know it is not what sge is saying,but if Bosnia had at least a half as good as their neighbour Serbia she would play for Bosnia 100%.It is the same with Melisa Vargas,but slightly different.Melisa had a lot of arguments with Cuban NT not just because she is playing outside the Cuba.Then she had 3 or 2 year ban because of her ‘reputation’. For Vargas it would be smarter to play for Turkey ,because there the biggest threat are Boz and Karakurt and she is already for one class better than both of them.In Serbia Tijana Boskovic is just the godess and for my personal opinion the best volleyball player at this moment and Vargas will be just her replacement,that means she will replace Bjelica.I will not comment about your judgment that world are Turkshaters,because that is only thing that people who are not good enough are saying.Then the truth is that Terzic will perhaps get fired ,but that would be bad for club ,not so much for him.He can find replacement in second.I am still thinking how eczacibasi didnt fire Motta.He is terrible .Terzic beats his team with Busa,Sengun ,Erdem,Vargas and Mihajlovic.On other side you have Boskovic,Ogbogu,Thompson,Mirkovic.Marco thinks that Boskovic can beat everyone alone and Terzic knows all Tijana weakness.That is why Eczacibasi lost and it will lose again especially,when Naz came back,because Mirkovic is not on the same level with her.

x September 27, 2020 - 2:15 am

As far as I know,turks gave up on recruiting vargas due to her marriage with a woman.Maybe this is why rich İstanbul clubs don’t hire Egonu.


However what I didn’t understand until yesterday is, if fenerbahçe can tolerate such players with, say, unusual preferences, then why it didn’t change Vargas with Egonu.Again why they hired a 2nd class player, Busa,but not a better player such as Stysiak, Herbots etc..

Terzic has never been Fenerbahçe coach but 7/24 serbian n. team coach.All his decisions, preferences,actions are always parallel with serbia n. team’s interests,not with fener’s.Fener has 3 foreign athletes,all serbs,coincidence? The club must send him immediately. Otherwise fenerbahçe remains doomed to be the 3rd-5th team in home,and to be defeated in CL by vakıfbank, eczacıbası and by the italian team which has Egonu (presently Imoco I think)

Actually the problem is not special to Terzic,but to trainers coaching 2 teams.a national team other than turkish team and a club team. Federation would better ban clubs to hire such coaches.

Trem September 27, 2020 - 11:07 pm

Re: @x
I do not know ,why is Vargas joining Serbian team at all.She is only 2 years younger then Boskovic.And they are both opposite.Vargas cannot play as outside hitter,because she is terrible at reception and defense.Secondly, I expected that Terzic will bring another Serb instead of Veljkovic,that contracted Fener,but later she found out that she is pregnant.Then your replacement for Busa are even worse Stysiak is also terrible at reception and defense.I really do not get it how nobody did not put her as a middle she is extrwmly slow ,and strong ,but today all clubs and NTs are playing fast volleyboll.Herbots could be bettwr I agree.But still I think the smartest rhing that Terzic did was giving the minutes to Lila Sengun,that will give result even this season.Another thing is secret here.Where are Mihajlovic and Naz,they both did not come to Ankara to play.They are both in terrible shape to.To be honest Busa is playing well for now,but I think that it would be the same with her ,like it was with Antonijevic.One season transfer.I also agree that Fener needs to take all 5 foreigner spots if club wants to play against Eczacibasi and Vakif.And finally and most imoprtant Egonu will never ever play in Turkey believe me and that does not have anyrhing with hatred to LGBT popultation.Egonu is trouble maker and she is a star.She is all over the media in Italy.2 reasons she is great athlete and she is interesting and provocative.She will maybe come to Turkey at the end of her carrer.Beside Costagrande ,which was not Italian born,I do not know any Italian volleyball athlete that came to Turkey at her peak.And one advise for you at the end.Every single coach will bring some players with himself/herself in the club.Do you think Mihajlovic came back to Fener because of fans ,or the club,or the Terzic??Ask yourself that.And about your proposal to ban NT coaches to coach clubs i just laughed.Do you think that anyone can be volleyball coach??Turkish federation can do that,but it will make just worse competiton,because beside Guidetti and Akbas’if someone consider him as a great coach’ there are no more professional turkish coaches.Even now a half of team are leaded by half amateur people.Just look what is happening with Galatasaray and Besiktas.

x September 29, 2020 - 1:50 am

Re: @Trem
‘I do not know any Italian volleyball athlete that came to Turkey at her peak.’

ok let me give u one example: lucia bosetti,ITA national.most paid player in italian league in 2017-2018.

she played in fener betw 2014-2016 at her peak (at the age of 24)


‘Egonu will never ever play in Turkey…2 reasons she is great athlete and she is interesting and provocative’

salaries offered by. istanbul clubs are also interesting and provocative. 😀 italian clubs are like grocery shops when campared to them. 😀

have u ever wondered why superstars like KimYK,Zting,boskovic never ever played in Italy?

while egonu earned 150K in novara, zhu earned 10 X 150K (1,5 M)

btw, turkish people hasnt got any LGBT-hatred , but on the other hand no club manager want any girl in the team to be raped by our interesting and provocative star. 😀 (just joking) 😀

Trem September 29, 2020 - 10:25 pm

Re: @x
You didn t get me at all when i said provacative.I taught about mainstream media and a lot sponsorhips.Have you perhaps see that all her sponsors are Italian and the biggest one(one that give her most money and she has the biggest contract is Armani).In Italy she is not just volleyball star she is like celebrity person that was my thought.Then I perfectly know how much tgey can earn in Turkey and yes for women volleyball that is like dream,but on other hand Boskovic said once that her dream is to play and battle for Scudetto.She is 23 now and she knows that she cannot play at this level forever.And logically and smart she is playing because of money.Vut on the other hand you have players like Goncharova,Egonu,Piccinini who played and still is playing in Italy.And pnly season that she played outside Italy was in Brazil in 1998-1999 ,but she couldnt play entire season due to injury and she came back to Italy and stayed even for now.Goncharova didn’t want to play at all anywhere alse and a lot of clubs are offering her.You cannot expect from Boskovic to play in Serbia,where clubs volleyball is like playground for youngsters and you are comparing Italian leagze with Serbian and Korean and Chinise league.Chinisie league is getting better,because they are offering more money to foreigner players and their big stars like Zhu Ting.Not in all clubs in Instabul you can earn 1M.I think that there are just 2 or might three.Turkish and Italian are equal leagues when it comes toquality and different when it comes to salary.About turskih hatred you quated in your first sentence that Turks are not givin Vargas to play for them ,because of her sexual orientation and you gave the link.Perhaps you have been ironic ,but on the other hand maybe in Instabul is just ok to be LGBT.That’s just my opinion don t get offended.I was just the traveler and I didn t see that hate to the LGBT ,but I also didn t see the approval to LGBT population.I didnt travel to the entire Turkey,but to some parts I did.Don t get offended if you are Turkish it s just my personal opinion.I didn t know for Bosseti ,because I am not the fan of that typical old wing spiker or outside hitter that are usually there for reception and defense and Bosseti it is not one of them Picini olayed the same role since 2016.Busa,Grajber,Meliha Ismailoglu,Scherban,Francisco and etc.And Bosseti wasn t ever as popular as Egonu and didn t have such a efficency in attack.But thank you for letting me know ,that fill my gap of life some players and their carrers.

just thinking September 28, 2020 - 10:10 pm

I find this a little unfair to other teams (Germany, Poland, Belgium etc.) because after a few years those teams will be probably play head to head with the Serbian National TEAM. But if Vargas plays for the Serbia Team then they will be stronger than those teams and it also sounds a little unfair to me. If any team will face to Serbia TEAM in final and will be defended by Vargas’ performance, of course some or most of us will find it quite unfair and we all will be pissed off. I dont want Vargas to play for any National TEAM.

1 September 29, 2020 - 12:14 am

Re: @just thinking

Oh no, poor Poland. I bet everyone is thrilled to play against Leon in their national team. Or against Leal or Juantorena. All much better than Vargas, who doesn’t even seem to have a proper spot in Serbian team.

I’m against all that crap, but if everyone else is already doing it…


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