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ESP: Evedasto Lifante – “I am afraid after the murder of Ingrid and Lodewijk

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source: laopiniondemurcia.es; Photo: laopiniondemurcia.es

The former owner of the Volleyball Club CAV Murcia 2005 and village headman of Barinas, Evedasto Lifante, Efe said he fears for his life after the murder of the Dutch player Ingrid Visser and her boyfriend Lodewijk Severein. This and other volleyball news read on Worldofvolley.com.


Evedasto Lifante

Efe gave an interview at his home in Barinas, a small town located near town of Abanilla. Lifante recalled that when he was owner of CAV Murcia 2005, Juan Cuenca was club manager. Juan Cuenca was arrested yesterday for his involvement in the disappearance and death of the Dutch couple.

As he explained, Cuenca denounced twice, once for impersonating his identity in signing the contract to sell a marble quarry owned by his family, and another for taking computers and documentation of the club when in 2011 decided to close by economic difficulties.

“I am afraid,” confesses Evedasto Lifante accompanied by his son and assistant, and says he can not lead a normal life since then.

Efe said that he heard about the disappearance of Ingrid and Lodewijk on Saturday May 18, at 19 am, with a message on “WhatsApp” that sent a player. The following Wednesday he assist National Police in the search for Visser.

Evedasto explained that Cuenca entered the club in late 2008 asking for work “for a living”, and initially was responsible for advertising.

“Little by littleJuan Cuenca had a higher responsibilities in the club, according to its president, because his speaks English he communicated with international players, and even got to sign Visser himself.

It also reported that, following the closure of the club in late 2011, he never saw Visser and her partner until, by chance, last July in Murcia.

On the other hand, some fifteen months ago contact that made Juan Cuenca was inspected, former manager refused to return documentation to the organization that he took.

Lifante created a women’s volleyball club after dinner with friends in 2005.

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