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Korean fans stood up for Kim (PHOTO, VIDEO)

by WoV
source: Photo: twitter.com

Heungkuk Pink Spiders does not allow Kim Yeong Koung to return to Turkish Fenerbahce although, according to the contract, she has one more year to play with the team from Istanbul. Her former insists that she did not have the right to leave them.

Korean fans protesting for Kim

Korean fans protesting for Kim

The problem between Kim and Heungkuk Pink Spiders lasts for a long time, so she is definitively having a rough time at the moment.

Her Korean fans stood up for Kim and they protested for her in front of Heungkuk Pink Spiders headquarters in Seoul, South Korea with the desire for every volleyball fans in the world to help them to save Kim.

Check out Kim’s WoV Community profile.

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