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NED M: December – key month for Landstede

by WoV
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Last weekend Landstede didn’t play any games. But, it was the calm before the storm. In the upcoming days in the last month of this year, the team from Zwolle will play really tough matches.



So, this is the very important month for the winner of this year’s Netherlands SuperCup. First of all, they will face Dynamo Draisma, the team who beat Lanstede in the second round of the Netherlands championship.

Also, there are the games in the Challenge Cup and the National Cup.

The schedule of the Landstede in December:

Wed Dec 4th, 20:00 pm,

Apeldoorn: Draisma Dynamo vs. Landstede

Sat Dec 7th, 20:00 pm,

Zwolle: Landstede vs. SSS

Wed Dec 11th, 20:00 pm, Challenge Cup 1/16 finals

Zwolle: Landstede vs. Stroitel Minsk

Sat Dec 14th, 16:30 pm

Rijssen: Rivo Rijssen vs. Landstede Volleyball

Wed Dec 18th, 18:00 pm, Challenge Cup 1/16 finals

Mogilev: Stroitel Minsk vs. Landstede

Sat Dec 21st, 19:30 pm, National Cup 1/8 finals

Barneveld: SSS vs. Landstede 

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