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BUL M: Can anyone beat Marek Dupnitsa?

by WoV

Bulgarian league became just one team competition. It's basically Marek trying to sweep everyone 3-0.



This time, CSKA Sofia suffered 0-3 defeat with no chance to win in any set. Arda Kardzhali and Lukoil Nefothimik will battle until the last round to avoid relegation. In this round, both teams lost.

Eighteenth round results:

CSKA Sofia – Marek Dupnitsa 0-3

Dobrudja – Slaviya Sofia 3-1

Dunav – Botev 2-3

Arda Kardzhali – Gabrovo 1-3

Levski Sofia – Balkanstroy Pirin 3-0

Montana – Lukoil Neftohimik 3-0

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