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CL W: Challenge system up for F4

by WoV

A CEV Challenge System will once again be tested during both Final Four tournaments of the 2014 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League - Women and Men, set to take place respectively in Baku this weekend and in Ankara a week later.


Challenge System

A video challenge system was already tested during the last stages of the previous two editions of the Champions League and the final weekends of the men’s and women’s 2013 CEV Volleyball European Championship, but this time the technology which will be used and tested is the same as the video check system applied in the Italian men’s domestic volleyball league.

Other than that, the main rules that regulate the use of the CEV Challenge System remain unchanged.  The captain of each team has the right to challenge a referees’ decision by requesting a video replay of the specific situation.  However, in every set, after a certain team’s challenges have not resulted in judgment reversal and the initial referees’ decision has been upheld twice, that team cannot take advantage of the system through the rest of the set.  To avoid being penalized with a delay sanction, the teams can request the use of the CEV Challenge System only in certain types of situations – whether the ball is in or out, whether the ball has made contact with the antenna, whether a player has committed a net fault and whether the player’s feet have stepped on the line upon serving or back-row spiking.  When a challenge procedure has been initiated it is the second referee’s task to analyze the video replay and to communicate their findings to the first referee over the wireless communication system.

“The European Volleyball Confederation is keen not only on facilitating the referees’ decision-making process during a volleyball match, but also on making the game even more exciting to the spectators,” CEV President André Meyer explains.  “The use of new technology available to us is certainly a good way of achieving both of these goals and of keeping our sport in line with the modern world.”

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