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5 Volleyball National Teams in Europe With The Best Rankings at the Moment

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Volleyball is a sport that has been around for many years and has seen great success in Europe. The first official volleyball competition in Europe was held in 1949 and has since then grown into much more than just a sport. It has become an official European Championship that takes place every year, with the best teams from each country competing to be crowned as the European Champions.

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Europe is the home of some of the world’s best volleyball teams and they are always looking to improve their standings in international competitions.

If we are looking from country achievement, here are 5 tops national teams in Europe at this moment based on CEV.EU statistic:

  1. Poland CR Score: 345 – Poland is well-known for having a really strong national team. Volleyball is more than just a pastime for them, it’s practically a national sport. They really are one of the best teams out there and they have proven that more times than once.
  2. Italy CR Score: 328 – Italy’s volleyball team has won the EuroVolley last year and they are slowly coming back to the top of the best national teams in the world. During the recent campaign, their performance had been pretty impressive and they sure did look like a team with great potential.
  3. Russia CR Score: 299 – Rusia is a powerhouse if there ever was one. They have a long history in the sport and it shows in their superior skills. When they are at the top of their game, there’s no stopping them, but when things aren’t going so well for them, it can get pretty ugly.
  4. France CR Score: 285- France is definitely one of the bigger European volleyball powers. They may not be the best at the last edition of EuroVolley but right now but there is no denying their ability to bounce back and become more successful in the future. However, the gold medal from the Olympics is something they wanted so bad – and they managed to do it
  5. Serbia CR Score: 251 – Serbia just like Russia is a powerhouse when it comes to volleyball. The reason why they are not closer to the top of the list is that their latest campaign wasn’t that successful and there has been some speculation about them losing steam as well.

Why Is Volleyball Popular In Europe?

One of the main reasons why it’s so popular is because European countries are known for their great teams, enthusiastic fans, and rich history of success. They have had some really impressive moments on the international stage which has certainly contributed to their popularity.

Another reason why volleyball is so popular in Europe is that it’s one of the most accessible sports out there. It doesn’t require much equipment and funds to practice and play, which means everyone can enjoy it.

It has a unique way of bringing people together and giving them an opportunity to meet new friends and socialize. European countries have been able to take advantage of this and manage to attract more fans who are interested in the sport.

In the end, if we look at the numbers from various sources, it’s obvious that European volleyball teams have a lot going for them. They may not show as much strength as their Asian counterparts but they definitely know how to bring entertainment and joy to their fans.

The Future Of Volleyball

The future of volleyball looks bright for European countries. With more and more competitions and teams, they will increase the quality of overall play, allowing them to compete with the best.

But the popularity is certainly increasing during this couple of years. It can be seen from the number of sponsors who want to support the sport as well as new technology arrives.

For example, the betting industry has been choosing volleyball along with basketball and football as one of the main sports betting events. Crypto sports betting is also choosing volleyball as one of their major events to bet on. More and more crypto sports bookmakers are considering (or already chosen) to incorporate volleyball events as their main sports betting events.

This kind of support from other industries is a really positive sign that shows how the popularity of the sport is increasing. The recognition that crypto bookmakers give to volleyball is also a good indicator that there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the future of this sport.

It might take some time, but before long every spectator will be able to watch European matches live online or on TV without any problems. This would be a really great achievement and will allow volleyball to become more popular than ever before.

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