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LUX: Luxembourg Volleyball family pays tribute to Denitza Krivova

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source: Luxembourg

Some four years after her premature death in what was a horrific car accident, the local Volleyball family in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg got together on Friday evening to pay tribute to the memory of the late Denitza Krivova via a friendly match played at d’Coque starring Luxembourg national team and Terville Florange Olympique Club, the side the young “Deni” was playing for by the time of her decease.

Luxembourg Volleyball family pays tribute to Denitza Krivova

Luxembourg Volleyball family pays tribute to Denitza Krivova

Her father, Ranguel Krivov, opened the program by thanking all those who had decided to join this memorial which was being held for the fourth consecutive year. Denitza was unanimously seen as one of the most promising and up-and-coming players out there, and not simply in her adoptive country – she was born in Bulgaria – as by the time she was only 15 she was contacted by France’s Volleyball standout RC CANNES for inclusion in the youth program placed under the umbrella of the club based in the French Riviera.

Visibly touched, Ranguel Krivov witnessed from the stands – together with wife Antonia and baby daughter Léa – that match that was eventually taken by the guests from France in three straight sets (25-19, 25-18, and 25-16). However, even though the players of Luxembourg national team did their best to deliver a good performance as they are preparing for the Small Countries Division qualifier scheduled for later this month, tonight it was not about scores and stats, it was much more about keeping alive the legacy of a young, talented girl who really wanted to fulfill her dream to become a Volleyball pro.   

Volleyball in Luxembourg is somehow a family affair, positively meant, as the atmosphere you can feel when it comes to the domestic competitions – and even more in such an evening – is similar to that one you may feel while joining a family reunion, to share memories, feelings or meet people that are brought together by a common and genuine passion for the sport. “Deni” was certainly happy to witness all this from up there; she is very much missed and you will never find a reason for such a premature death, but these actions reveal the nicest side of something they call “sport”. A thousand miles from the glamour of the Olympics, but tonight everyone who was at d’Coque felt like being at home.

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