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WoV DREAM TEAM: Kaziyski out, Ngapeth saved by the bell, twilight zone for Russians

by WoV

The first week of voting for WoV Dream Team is over! Some of the results will surprise you, some won’t but what is the most important, you were very active and tried hard to make your favorite player advance in the rankings. We have to praise our fans from all over the world for leaving their vote and sharing our Poll via Social Networks and websites. Keep up with the great work!

Kaziyski & Gamova

Kaziyski & Gamova

About the results of our Poll in Round 1 – there was 5602 of your votes in female competition and 10055 in male, in total including those via Facebook and Twitter as well (they were worth 3 points) which were added at the end of counting.

Among male setters, there was a huge battle. Marouf and Drzyzga replaced one another at the top all the time, but the Iranian won. The Brazilian William is out. Among opposites, Wlazly took the lead from the start and kept it. Unfortunately, Leo from Korean Bluefangs fell off from the list. Kaziyski is out by only one vote in the position of Receiver 1! Ngapeth is saved. Kromm had no chance among Receivers 2, while Rossini lost all of his chances in the last two days in the position of libero. Podrascanin was way behind among Middle Blockers 1 and the same goes for Bontje among MB 2, but he and Birarelli fought until the last night! It’s interesting that Kromm and Bontje did not receive a single vote via Social networks.

In the women’s competition, three Russian are out – Startseva among setters, opposite Gamova and Middle Blocker 2 Borodakova. Ukrainian Receiver 1 Rykhliuk gained minimum of your votes in all competitions. Bulgarian Receiver 2 Vasileva fell off. The same happened to Turkish libero Karadayi, but she is out mostly because of less votes on FB and TW. She was only 6 votes behind penultimate Davis. Unfortunatelly to Turkish fans, another their compatriot fell off – Eda among Middle Blockers 1. Ravva, Borodakova, Eda, Costagrande, Vasileva, Rykhliuk, Fawcett, Fabiola and Startseva did not get any of your votes from FB or TW.

Final results of Round 1




Marouf 4456

Tomkom 2270

Drzyzga 4268

Ognjenovic 1763

Bruninho 967

Naz 793

De Cecco 465

Fabiola 672

William 195

Startseva 191



Wlazly 5433

Sheilla 1968

Atanasijevic 2049 Diouf 1118
Wallace 1335

Neslihan 653

Sokolov 945

Fawcett 588

Leo 489

Gamova 161

Receivers 1:

Receivers 1:

Leon 4085

Kim 2351

Conte 3102

Werblinska 2047

Ivovic 1591

Fe Garay 624

Ngapeth 741

De la Cruz 580

Kaziyski 740

Rykhliuk 116

Receivers 2:

Receivers 2:

Kurek 4172

Larson-Burbach 2373

Juantorena 1925

Kosheleva 1196

Sander 1800

Havelkova 856

Lucarelli 1754

Costagrande 743

Kromm 594

Vasileva 509



Ignaczak 5424

Castillo 2552

Salparov 2221

Camila 1157

Grebennikov 1651

Leonardi 719

Shoji 1022

Davis 631

Rossini 921

Karadayi 625

Middle Blockers 1:

Middle blockers 1:

Nowakowski 4589

Bednarek-Kasza 1865

Muserskiy 2259

Rašić 1709

Simon 1380

Poljak 986

Holt 1222

Arrighetti 738

Podrascanin 802

Eda 424

Middle Blockers 2:

Middle blockers 2:

Mousavi 4310

Akinradewo 2273

Klos 4204

Thaisa 1564

Lucao 1167

Furst 989

Birarelli 360

Ravva 568

Bontje 247

Borodakova 274


You can still leave your vote in our WoV Poll and choose the best male and female players and Dream Team!! 

Do not forget that you can vote via Facebook and Twitter, by leaving a comment. Every vote on the Social Networks is worth 3 points.

You can also vote by leaving a comment on the article at our website. Every comment on our website will be counted as 1 point.

At the end of every week we will combine your votes with the points from your comments. The player with the least number of votes will be eliminated from the competition every Monday!


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melika April 13, 2015 - 1:18 pm

the votes have not reset!
this means we cant vote again?!!

Dario April 13, 2015 - 2:44 pm

Kurek ahead of Juantorena and Lucarelli? Ridicolous!

WoV April 13, 2015 - 6:53 pm

Dear Melika,

Of course you can vote regardless the votes have not been resetted after the first round!

GOLDMUND April 15, 2015 - 4:19 pm

Why do they use the term receiver instead of wing spiker?


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