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SVK M: Alberto Giuliani called 18 players!

by WoV
source: Photo: svf.sk

The head coach of Slovakian Alberto Guliani called 18 players for the upcoming preparations for the European Championship.



Here is the list of the players:

Setters: Michał Masny, Juraj Zaťko, Filip Palgut, Daniel Koncal.

Opposites: Milos Horník, Peter Michalovic, Lubos Kostolani, Milan Bencz.

Middle blockers: Emanuel Kohut, Simon Krajcovic, Peter Ondrovic, Radoslav Presinsky, Jozef Piovarci.

Receivers: Martin Sopko, Matej Patak, Frantisek Ogurcak, Stefan Chrtiansky, Tomas Krisko, Marcel Lux, Peter Janusek, Tomas Halanda.

Liberos: Matej Kubs, Lubos Nemec, Martin Vydareny, Marian Vitko.


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