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How to reach Olympic Games in Rio after World Cup?

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Brazil (host nation), China and Serbia (two best placed teams at the World Cup 2015) have secured tickets for the Olympic Games 2016. Nine more available.



How to reach Rio after the World Cup? Brazil, China and Serbia do not need to worry about this question, as they can already make arrangements for the Olympic Games 2016. But, the others are still hoping to win a ticket for Rio and they will have a chance to do that through qualification tournaments!

There will be 7 qualification tournaments in total, while there are 9 more tickets available for Rio!

It will all start with continental tournaments where only the winners will qualify for the Olympic Games 2016. The first one is European Qualifier (4-9 January 2016, Turkey), then South American Qualifier (4-10 January 2016, Argentina), African Qualifier (January-March 2016), North American Qualifier (January 2016, host to be determined) and finally Asian Qualifier (May 2016, Japan). So, 5 continental tournaments, 5 winners, 5 tickets to Rio.

After that there will be 2 more world tournaments, with 4 more tickets for Rio remaining.

In May 2016 Japan will host the World Qualifier and the International Qualifier. The World Qualifier is combined with the Asian Qualifier. The best 3 ranked teams (excluding the best Asian team which will be considered as the winner of the Asian Qualifier), will secure the vacancies in the Olympic Games 2016. The Intercontinental Qualifier consists of 4 teams, and only the best ranked team will qualify for Olympic Games 2016.

Women's qualification format

Women’s qualification format

The same format will apply to men’s competition.


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