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KOR M: KAL Jumbos downed Camejo and his Skywalkers

by WoV

Despite playing without their best player Michael Sanchez Bozhulev, KAL Jumbos scored a straight sets win over Hyundai Skywalkers.




KAL Jumbos entered the game with Hyundai Skywalkers with significant handicap. Their best player Michael Sanchez Bozhulev was not in the roster for some reason, so domestic players had to take the lead. And they did a brilliant job.

With experienced Young-Soo Shin in the right mood (15 points) home side outplayed Hyundai Skywalkers in straight sets! Visitors were unable to respond even though they had the best scorer of the game – Oreol Camejo with 20 points.  

It is not yet clear why Sanchez Bozhulev missed this game.

KOR KOR National Championship 2015/2016 / Male / SeniorsALL GAMES

Date/Time Teams Set Result per set
17. 10. 2015 14:00 Korean Air Jumbos vs Hyundai Capital Skywalkers 25:23:33:31, 25:23 


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