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ROM M: Castellana gives a game to Friedrichshafen

by WoV
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In the first day of the Black Sea Cup in Romania, Castellana Grotte was defeated 3-1 by the German giant of Friedrichshafen but the Italians certainly gave them a game.


Castellana Grotte

The German champs proved superior in reception (54 vs 39%) and in attack (54 vs 39% too). Yosifov and Cester were the stand-out players for Castellana, which will be back on court Sunday to face the hosts of Tomis.

BCC NEP Castellana Grotte vs  VBF Friedriechshafen 1-3 (22-25, 18-25, 25-23, 13-25)

Bcc Nep : Menzel 2, Falaschi 0, Sabbi 9, Yosifov 10, Cester 10, Casoli 4, Ferreira M. 6, Ferreira A., 2, Kindgard 0, Dolfo 9, Paparoni L, Elia e Ricciardello Dnp. Coach. Gulinelli

FriedriechshafenRivera 8, Zass 17, Gunthor 7, Jovovic 1, Jose 10, Lima Martins 8, Batista 14, Zatko 0, Denmark 6, Trolle 0, Rosic L. Coach. Mocolescu

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