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POL M: Bełchatów is negotiating with Rozalin Penchev?

by WoV
source: sportal.bg; Photo: demotix.com

Bulgarian receiver Rozalin Penchev, the brother of the national team member Nikolay Penchev and since this season a new player of Effector Kielce is close to the Polish champion PGE Skra Bełchatów.

Rozalin Penchev

Rozalin Penchev

The surprising news came in the Polish media, from sources close to the club led by Miguel Ángel Falasca, immediately after the 8th round match of PlusLiga BełchatówEffector 3-1, in which Rosalin Penchev showed great performance.

He played a whole match and became the top scorer for Effector with 13 points.

There is another Penchev in the world of volleyball – Rozalin’s twin brother Chono, who spent the entire preperation period with Bełchatów and now, although he is not included in the team of Polish champions, trains and prepares with it.

The third Penchev brother – Nikolay, plays his second year, successfully, for Asseco Resovia Rzeszów.


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x November 12, 2014 - 11:58 am

The question is why? Skra had (Atanasijevic on a bench just because of Wlazły, Cupkovic on a bench just beacause of other better and more experienced OHs) and has still too many young players on a bench who were sure that they could have chances to play but it turned out that they didn’t touch a ball even several times for whole season and they became disappointed… I really don’t understand such transfers. Maybe Polish Wojciech Włodarczyk who wasted his career just because of too big transfer to Skra for him finally came to idea that he should go on loan… Wow better late than never… You all silly dudes look at Mateusz Mika star of WCH, he did right choices and look how quickly it paid off… First is chance to play in club, second is money. Think better about your future.


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