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LIVE from Krakow: ABSOLUTE DOMINATION! Trentino prevail Lube in Italian semis!

by WoV
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It supposed to be a fierce battle of the two Italian giants in semifinals of the CEV Champions League, but Diatec Trentino did what many fans in Kraków’s „Tauron Arena“ certainly did not expect. They smash Cucine Lube Banca Marche Civitanova into pieces 3-0 (25-19, 25-10, 25-18)!

Trentino - Lube1

Trentino – Lube1

Trentino’s players were playing like they were in a trance and had the answer on each attempt of rivals. But, those attempts were weak in most cases… Simply, nothing worked properly in Lube, not a single segment of a play. On the other side, Mitar Djurić (15 points), Tine Urnaut & Co. were perfect. In Lube, Osmany Juantorena was the only player with double digits, 10 points.

Read play by play coverage of the match:

25-18 Antonov converts the third match ball for Trentino!

23-14 Sole slams!

21-13 Everything, absolutely everything works for Trentino. Tough ball for Djuric but no problem for the Greek

18-11 Urnaut returns things on Trentino’s side

15-10 Lube approach a bit as Fei scores behind 3-meter line

14-7 Fei spolis counter attack, Antonov blocks him

13-6 Blengini forced to call time-out to shake up his players. The final is slipping away from them.

12-6 Nothing works out in Lube. Christenson steps on rival’s side while setting.

9-4 Podrascanin sends quick attack out of bounds. There’s no energy in Lube’s players…

8-3 Another challenge by Lube whose play is totally confused at the moment. They absolutely have no attack… And point for Trentino!

6-3 For the first time in this match Trentino get lead in early stage of a set, libero Colaci scores from a save! Interesting situation afterwards. Lube’s coach Blengini asks challenge to see if ball touched the ground before Colaci’s save, but it was not covered by slowmotion!

3-3 Djuric sends serve out of bounds

2-1 Cebulj brings lead to Lube

1-0 Ace by Urnaut, third consecutive point by Slovenian

SET 3:

25-20 Two in a row by Urnaut, Trentino get Set 2 as well!

23-20 Fei spikes and then Stankovic scores ace!

23-18 Perfect reception and textbook example of pipe by Giannaelli and Urnaut

20-16 Service error on both sides

19-15 Ace by Juantorena! Stoytchev calls time-out

19-13 Djuric punishes bad reception and bad attack organization by Lube

17-12 Juantorena touches net… What a pitty for Trentino to return to the match!

16-11 Trentino find safe option in attack – Urnaut, the second TTO

15-10 Poor attacking by Lube…Their players are becoming nervous

13-8 Are we looking at rerun of Set 1? Trentino again get comfortable gap! Djuric converts counter attack after great leg save by Giannelli

10-8 If Lube didn’t take two-point lead, but Trentino did!

8-8 Podrascanin slams with 1st tempo

6-6 Lube miss chance to go on +2, Urnaut blocks Miljkovic

5-5 Urnaut levels

4-3 for Lube. So far, point by point

1-1 What will the second set bring?

SET 2:

25-19 Service error by Podrascanin! Trentino takes Set 1 after huge turnaround!

23-18 Sixth block by Trentino!

21-17 Djuric scores with lob spike

19-15 Trentino march towards winning the first set, Antonov converts pipe

18-14 Lube’s play is falling apart, setter Gianneli spikes! 

16-13 What a block by Trentino, Juantorena can’t go through, the second TTO!

15-13 Now Lube have to chase rivals!

13-12 First lead of Trentino

10-10 All tied! Sole with monstrous 1st tempo, time-out by Blengini

9-10 Trentino breathing down the neck of Lube after Podrascanin’s double touch

7-10 Miljkovic takes his first point

6-8 Two blocks in a row by Sole, Trentino are back!

3-8 Horrible start of Trentino! Cebulj sends both teams to the first TTO with strong spike

2-6 Lube win four points on Trentino’s errors… Djuric’s serve is out of bounds

1-4 Trentino finally get the first point, Sole grounds Juantorena

0-3 Podrascanin blocks Urnaut, Lube on fire at start!

0-1 Lube take lead, Djuric does net violation

SET 1:


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Semifinal 1 16. 04. 2016 16:30 Zenit KAZAN vs Asseco Resovia RZESZOW 3:1 22:25; 26:24; 25:18; 25:21 STAT  
Semifinal 2 16. 04. 2016 19:30 Diatec TRENTINO vs Cucine Lube Banca Marche CIVITANOVA 3:0 25:19; 25:20; 25:18    


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