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RUS M: Antipkin – I always admired Ricardo

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source: volley.ru; Photo: championat.com

Sergey Antipkin spoke of his invitation to the Russian national team, his career and volleyball idols. His biggest idol is Ricardo. For more latest volleyball news visit worldofvolley.com


Sergey Antipkin

Remember the time when you found out you will play for the national team. Was it a shock?

It was most surprising. It was a shock. I thought “I have to train a lot. “What to do with the holiday? What to do? What to do now?”(Laughs) I could not deal with all these thoughts for a week, not fully believed it and I did not know what would happen.

How did you start playing volleyball?

My parents are real fans of volleyball. They have never played professionally, but played on the amateur level. Any free time they spend on playing. I was first interested in basketball.


Yeah, I know it sounds strange. After third grade I had to decide, to engage in volleyball or remain in basketball. And when my parents told me that I have a better chance to achieve something in volleyball, I trusted them, and decided on volleyball. In fifth grade I went to “Olympus” on Vernadsky Prospekt, and that’s how it all began.

Do you remember your first coach?

Of course! My first coach – Mihail Mihailovich Konstantinovski, he trained me from the very beginning, from the 5th to the 11th grade, and a year after high school.

You are in the national team for the first time. Do you know your teammates? Did you play in the junior teams?

No. This is my first time with the national team. Of course, we say hello on the games, but we’re strangers. They are all great people and we’ve got a great team, I’m really happy, really!

What is your favorite player?

The player who I admired – Brazilian Ricardo. And indeed the whole Brazilian team: their fast style of play and constant Ricardo’s improvisation on the court – to me it looked fantastic. I watched trying to copy some moves and understand how to do better.

And how do you spend your free time?

Funny question, because there is almost no free time. In the morning we workout, come home and sleep – we often sleep during the day, without this we couldn’t take it. In the evenings, there is a couple of hours to get something done. I try to read something with my wife, to watch some movies, take a walk, go somewhere or go to a restaurant.I like to read to work out my mind.

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