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RUS M: Nikola Grbić – ”I play to win!”

by WoV

There are no more doubts, one of the best volleyball players of all time, Nikola Grbić is new Zenit Kazan’s setter! After just couple days of drama, deal was signed with all three sides satisfied.


”Leader of Men”

Nikola will tomorrow travel to Kazan where he is going to play for whole next season. Everything happened very quickly. Lukas Zygadlo suffered heavy injury recently so Zenit’s board had to react fast and they did. Besides Nikola, Lloy Ball was in conversation but Grbić was the primary choice for the Russian powerhouse.

”Pace of procedure was the most important. Zenit had to be fast. Cuneo received the offer, I agreed with the conditions and everyone came out happy at the end. Not until right now I’m starting to realize that I’m leaving Italy and my new destination is Russia ”, Nikola said.

He spent his whole international career in Italy. Amazing 19 season he wore jerseys of Gabeca, Catania, Sisley, Asistel, Copra, Trentino and Cuneo.

His conditioning was never a question, Zenit offered amazing terms and ambitions are also the same.

”When Alekno gave me a call and asked me if I have motivation to still play at the highest level I responded that I play to win or I don’t play at all. And it really is like that. I have always strived to achieve the top goals and it hasn’t changed throughout the years. Zenit and myself are on a same page when it comes to winning and I couldn’t be happier to come to Kazan and experience playing in Russian Superliga.”

He won everything there is both in club and national competitions, but even at the age of 40, there are no limits for the great Nikola Grbić.

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